Getting on the Protest Bandwagon…Lives are at Stake

By Janice Barlow THIS MORNING, news of another school shooting hit the headlines, this time in Baltimore, Maryland. Fortunately, the school resource officer was on hand to gun down the student shooter, but not before two students were injured in the event. A nationwide walkout by students occurred last week, as many of them wanted to vent their frustration and fears on the lack of school safety, and a misguided desire to ban guns. Others just were happy to have any excuse not to be in class. The same old…

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Restoring Unity Through Patriotism – The Values That Can Bring Us Together

graphic image combining the American flag and the Declaration of Independance

by Oletta Branstiter Facts + Principles = Opinions I teach my students that forming a strong opinion consists of filtering facts through personal principles to make an ideological conclusion. They learn that if our opinions differ, it’s because our valid personal principles differ. I impress upon my students that opinions cannot be wrong, and should be shared and accepted with respect. It has occurred to me, especially in light of recent divisive statements and protests in current events, that while opinions cannot be “wrong”, they can foment disunity. Diversity at the…

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