California Dems Mobilize Against Hysterical Move To Whitewash “Life Of Washington” Mural

photo of Victor Arnautoff's "Life of Washington" mural, subject to removal or censure by the San Francisco Board of Education

by Richard Cameron     Americans in Red states commonly imagine that Democrats in solid Blue states like California are all monolithic ally situated on the political margins – as in that they are in lockstep with each other.  A recent decision by the San Francisco Board of Education put the lie to that notion. The board voted unanimously in early July to paint over a mural commissioned during FDR’s administration, depicting first president George Washington. The mural, illustrated the artist’s conception of Washington as the prime mover and catalyst…

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America Is Heading Towards A Second Civil War

by Tony Wyman Thirty-five percent. That was the consensus chance a panel of national security experts polled by Foreign Policy magazine in 2017 said America had of entering into a second civil war over the next 10 to 15 years.  And that poll was conducted five weeks before the fractious clash of alt-right hate groups and Antifa leftists in Charlottesville, Virginia. Had the poll been conducted after the death of one protester at the hands of a neo-Nazi, the percentage might have been even higher. One of those polled was…

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GLADD Wants The Wonder Woman Sequel To Feature Her Bisexuality

computer generated action figure of Wonder Woman with shield deflecting bullets

By Dena Leichnitz The push to re-invent comic book superheroes and Wonder Woman The Left has continually tried to “turn” everyone gay by outing historical figures, whether there is evidence to support it or merely innuendo. Having incorporated that is a tactic in GLBTQ politics, it probably comes as no surprise that there is a concerted effort to “reboot” entertainment  icons including in the world of comics –  particularly action figures. For instance, in today’s iteration of comic books, Iron Man has gone from a straight, White male to a Black lesbian. From…

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Linda Sarsour’s Address At CUNY – Why Not, It’s Free Speech, Right? – Maybe Not

by Richard Cameron Palestinian – American political activist, Linda Sarsour, will be addressing the commencement ceremony for the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy on June 1st.  Her scheduled appearance is prompting a firestorm of opposition. Who is Linda Sarsour and what do her critics and supporters think she is? First, what does Ms. Sarsour identify as? Beyond that, can Ms. Sarsour lay claim to the normal arguments that she should be entitled to speak on anti-censorship grounds? Sarsour, 35, a Brooklyn…

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Progressives find Democrat Omaha Mayoral Candidate Heath Mello Too Moderate On Abortion

by Richard Cameron In the Democrat party it is possible, we’re learning, that a party candidate even in a mayoral election, can be too restrained – too measured on the question of abortion. The city of Omaha, Nebraska is electing a new Mayor on May 9th, and Democrats are divided on their candidate, former Nebraska state legislator Heath Mello.  Mello is an ironic name for a candidate in his position, because a fair number of Democrats in the state, believe Mello is way too mellow regarding what they regard is…

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Atheism is an Existential Threat to Our Republic

by Oletta Branstiter Earth Day 2017 fell on a Friday, so some Americans decided to “celebrate” by protesting all weekend. Thousands made time to participate in the March for Science rallies, instead of planting or tending gardens in their backyards or communities, apparently. Mother Earth may have preferred some agronomy activities to all the stomping and yelling. It was another great excuse to protest President Trump and his campaign position denying human-caused Climate Change. Too bad no one informed the marchers that Trump has since softened his stand on this…

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