Independent Candidates: Please Run For Office, Just Plan On “Failing”

political party buttons all in Red, White, Blue themes

by Paul Hamlin   For the naïve and uninitiated, the campaign trail is full of heartache and pain.  The apathy, the dismay and the contempt that the voter has about the election process and all people who dare run a campaign is astounding, and not necessarily misplaced. PERSONAL JOURNEY When I struck out to run for the US House of Representatives the intent was noble, and I can only assure people that it did not come from a desire to have power.  I am a firm believer that the people…

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Up In Flames – The Impact Of Party Politics

by Paul Hamlin Our system is broken.  The way we do elections, our political party system and the expectations placed on our congress people is so flawed that we need to make considerations about, not just how we fix it, but who should be permitted to fix it. Congress has become a divisive and divided group of people with an eye on the next election and the other on harming their “enemy”.  Remember that elected officials are the employees of the people, not the other way around.  We do not…

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Quantum Physics of Prayer: Christ-Purpose

by Oletta Branstiter “Lucky” Number Seven Continuing with our consideration of the multi-dimensional power of prayer, and how this “superstring theory” connects us to the Creator, we arrive at the number seven. Light, multiplied to the power of seven (the greatest single prime number, representing the Christed, or perfected state), is purpose. Will, multiplied by the Light of the World, carries out the Creator’s purpose according to His omniscience, weaving His perfect will throughout eternity. This is the dimension that repairs the Superstring. Christ Yeshua is the Purpose ordained from…

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