California Dems Mobilize Against Hysterical Move To Whitewash “Life Of Washington” Mural

photo of Victor Arnautoff's "Life of Washington" mural, subject to removal or censure by the San Francisco Board of Education

by Richard Cameron     Americans in Red states commonly imagine that Democrats in solid Blue states like California are all monolithic ally situated on the political margins – as in that they are in lockstep with each other.  A recent decision by the San Francisco Board of Education put the lie to that notion. The board voted unanimously in early July to paint over a mural commissioned during FDR’s administration, depicting first president George Washington. The mural, illustrated the artist’s conception of Washington as the prime mover and catalyst…

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Where is God? The Importance of Bringing God Back to America

By J. Lee     I’m sure most people have either asked or heard the question ‘Where is God’?, especially in the midst of tragedy. God is not a ‘genie in a bottle’ to go to for granting wishes. God says to come to him in prayer. It’s as simple as talking to him as we would talk to a friend. The good news is he is available to us at all times to strengthen us. His answer could be yes, no or wait. I’m sure we can all agree…

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Academic Diversity Under Fire – UCLA Students Want Conservative Professor Keith Fink to Stay

by Dena Leichnitz and Richard Cameron   While UCLA is known for being one of the best universities in the country, it is also known for being one of the most liberal as well. However, that is not to say there are no conservative students or professors on campus. You just don’t hear from them as often. That is, until now. Recently a communications professor. Keith Fink,  came under attack, not for anything he had specifically done.  It was because he was conservative. Or so a portion of the student body thinks.…

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