The Fate of Our Families And How We Can Change Course

crayon style drawing of family with Mom, Dad and Child.

by Paul Hamlin This may be chicken and egg argument, but in truth it doesn’t matter.  The American family is disintegrating, and it really doesn’t matter what happened first, whether societal pressures are destroying families or if families dissolving are causing the societal illness.  What we do know is that the family is a representation of the modern society. So, we can argue which came first, but the truth is we cannot solve the problems of society without looking at and solving our family issues. Let’s start with some disclaimers: This is…

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Is Willful Ignorance Ruling Our Children?

by Oletta Branstiter “What’s wrong with kids nowadays?” This question is not just for old fogeys anymore. Educators of all ages are admitting that misbehaving students and the lack of administrative support are making their jobs unsustainable. Daryl Deino reports that, “Those who haven’t experienced what it’s like to be inside the public education system may think I’m talking about extremes that usually don’t occur. They don’t understand that many teachers who complain about the lack of support from their administrators on behavior problems find themselves in professional trouble, even…

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