Trump isn’t the Cure for the Cancer Destroying American Politics, He’s the Disease

by Tony Wyman “To my friends who wonder how a decent, educated woman could support a crude, narcissistic reality TV show host and erstwhile pro-wrestling figure like Donald Trump as president, I answer that it’s simple,” wrote Dr. Robin Burk, former West Point instructor and researcher at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in an article recently published in the unabashedly pro-Trump online publication American Greatness. The article is a very well written explanation of how a woman as intelligent, cosmopolitan and worldly as Dr. Burk could come to see a…

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Generation Gap Will End The Republican Party

photo of an atomic mushroom cloud

by Wes Walker via Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” -Simon Sinek Earlier this month, Pew Research Center released their latest data on political party membership in the United States focusing on the generation gaps in American politics. What they’ve found is the Republican Party, after reversing years of positive trends, is fantastically doomed in November. To understand just how bad things really are, we have to rewind a bit to 2006, halfway through George W. Bush‘s second term and the first year…

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The Case for #NeverTrump in 2018

During the Republican presidential primaries in 2015 and 2016, the case for opposition to Donald Trump was clear to all but Trump’s core supporters comprised of largely uneducated working class nationalists and Baby Boomers, who now vastly outnumber the declining Greatest Generation and Silent Generation voters that elected Ronald Reagan, George H. W Bush, and George W. Bush. To Trump’s voting block, it didn’t matter that Trump’s entire life had been a horror show of marital infidelity, financial incompetence, small-minded bigotry, pathological dishonesty, and unchecked narcissism. This would have more than…

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