Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s Dreamer’s Act: Is DACA Splitting Voters Once Again?

  By Janice Barlow LONG BEFORE DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCED HIS CANDIDACY, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), also called the “Dreamer’s Act“, was a hotly contested issue. Most conservatives did not want a free ticket to amnesty for anyone. People who have struggled to become U.S. citizens the legal way would be cheated by those who would be given a pass, simply by nature of their arrival here illegally under the age of 31 in June 2012. Also, if parents were illegals, their birth here would not automatically make them…

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Is Trumpism Conservatism?

By David Cholesterol Is Trumpism Conservatism? The short answer. No. It’s dangerous in more ways than one (a topic for another post), but Conservative it is NOT. For example: Working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to eliminate the debt ceiling, a $1.1 Trillion Omnibus, and Ivankacare maternity entitlements is not Fiscal Conservatism. Ineptness, isolationism, warning Israel against building new settlements, and saber-rattling with North Korea is not National Security Conservatism. Presenting a budget to Congress that funds murderous Planned Parenthood and subsequently signing it is not Social Conservatism. I know… some might say, “What about…

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National Unity Rests On Pillars Of Principle

Pillars representing five styles of architecture

by Oletta Branstiter Unity rests on the strength of our Principles. When I teach Our Nation’s Foundations to 5th and 6th graders, I create a huge graphic on a Library wall that includes metaphorical representations of our Republic. My purpose is to portray our nation’s government founded on solid ground and strong ideological support. My hope is that these lessons will inspire unity on those principles so that the next generation will work to restore our Constitutional Republic.   The bottom layer of Bedrock represents the Natural Law of our…

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Our Nation’s Foundations – Lesson Six: National Security

Service Members salute flag

by Oletta Branstiter Second Purpose of Government After protecting our rights, what is the most important thing a government should do? The Constitution says that our Federal Government should spend money from taxpayers to protect our nation – especially its borders. They realized that our land has vast resources that other countries might want to take by force. So, an Army, Navy, National Guard, Air Force, and any other armed services should be well-funded to protect us and our national interests. Our fourth pillar of principle is National Security. Add…

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