Thanks To Trump, We Have A Failure to Communicate!

by Oletta Branstiter Words mean things. What do you think of when you hear the words “conservative”, “evangelical”, “Christian”, “moral”, “Republican”, “Constitutionalist” and “patriotism”? Those who instantly thought of Donald Trump and his supporters are grossly mistaken. And they’ve done our nation a yuge disservice. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Using typical Progressive tactics, Trump and his cult followers have successfully corrupted these well-known terms. “Conservative” now refers to anything or anyone that wreaks vengeance on the Democratic Party. “Evangelical” has been redefined to mean those who preach Trump’s…

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A Reality Check On The Trump Phoenix Rally (Worship Service)

Trump at his speaking podium during rally in Phoenix, Arizona

by Richard Cameron The National Clown Gangsta made an appearance in Phoenix yesterday to flatulate.  It was not necessary, was disruptive and had nothing to do with governance.  Drumpf the Clown just needed a worship service.  He’s addicted to them now.  Trump essentially announced without actually doing so, a presidential pardon for a former law enforcement official (convicted Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio), that callously and deliberately disobeyed the clear and unambiguous order of a federal court. Because it is the right thing to do? No – because his shriveling…

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