Alex Bowman Will Replace Dale Earnhardt, Jr In the No. 88 In 2018

Alex Bowman at Thunder Valley

By Tyla MacAllister Alex Bowman will replace Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the No. 88 car in 2018, Hendrick Motorsports announced Thursday. Bowman drove the 88 Chevy for 10 races 2016 when Earnhardt was sidelined by a concussion. In a statement released by the team,Bowman said Ever since I was a kid, racing is all I’ve wanted to do. I’ve had so many people believe in me along the way. My family has sacrificed a lot and always been behind me. I would never have this chance without the support of Dale…

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Motorcycling Ministries – Overcoming The Popular Misconceptions

photo of motorcycle from rider's forward point of view with gloved hands on handlebars

by J. Lee I love motorcycling. I have loved motorcycles since I was a small child. Unfortunately my mother did not. She was terrified of bikes and bikers. I never heard the end of it in her attempt to destroy my love for bikes. My guess is my mom had a bad experience with bikers she never shared. If it was not a personal experience she lived in the era were bikers were badly portrayed in movies. Maybe she believed what she watched. Scary biker films were in abundance during the 1950-1970’s.…

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