School House Rock – The Seedy Underbelly

Photo image of the national capitol - Capitol Hill at night

by Paul Hamlin   School House Rock Remember the “School House Rock” on how a bill becomes a law?  It was a part of my childhood and it is how many of us were introduced to the function of our legislators and legislation.  In case you are not of my generation take a look here:  Well, it turns out there was some missing information in “School House Rock”, and it is obviously devastating to some of us.  The writing of a bill and its passage into law, is much more…

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Legal Bribery And Why You Don’t Matter To Congress

By Janice Barlow ACCORDING TO THE CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS, the history of people lobbying (bribing) Congress for their own causes goes back to 1793. In fact, a detailed time line is available for studying by clicking on the blue words. Right under our very noses, a system of buying off the men and women we voted for is in place and sanctioned by our government. And it’s not just pocket change. The same site used to link the time line above,, tracks lobby money given to every politician…

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