Quantum Physics of Prayer: Truth-Plane

by Oletta Branstiter Two Dimensions of Prayer  So far, in this series, we’ve become acquainted with an evolution from the zero dimension of Thought to the first dimension of Connection to God and all creation in real time. The second dimension refers to Light squared (l x w). The line becomes a plane – Thought vibrating in two dimensions. According to Biblical numerology, the number 2 represents a division or the second person of the Trinity. Light is EM energy. Einstein defined energy as mass multiplied by the speed of light…

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Quantum Physics of Prayer: Connection-Line

by Oletta Branstiter The Primary Connection If zero dimensions represent thought, the first dimension represents the trajectory of that conceptual thought. One dimension is the energy wave created when the thought-point interacts with the void, or antimatter. It’s like plucking one never-ending string on a guitar. Where does the thought-note lead? What does a one-dimensional wave create? The first verse of God’s Creation Song began, “Let there be …,” promising an evolutionary step up from a conceptual point. Antimatter resonates with His melody, fulfilling its destiny by becoming matter. This…

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Will God Survive Science? Dan Brown’s Latest Novel Challenges The Creator

cover of the newest fiction from best selling author Dan Brown - "Origin"

by Oletta Branstiter “Will God survive Science?” This was the question author Dan Brown posed during an interview on a Dallas-Fort Worth radio station on the morning of October 5. He cited the fact that understanding oceanic science replaced the ancient mythology of Poseidon. Dan Brown is the renowned author who used his bestseller, “The Da Vinci Code”, to explore the idea that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalen, who bore his child, leaving a legacy of DNA from the Son of God. His latest book, released on October 3, titled…

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