“WE THE PEOPLE” – What It Meant, What It Should And Where We Lost Our Way

by Paul Hamlin   “We The People” In modern political history there has rarely been three more radical, more revolutionary words spoken or written.  “We the people” represents an idea far bigger, far greater than the simple everyday petty politics.  The Constitution is the idea that all people should focus on first, arguments about policy and process should be wrapped in the founding document. The dream of America, of representative governments, was and is that people, ordinary people, would see a need, a gap or a void and that out…

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Getting on the Protest Bandwagon…Lives are at Stake

By Janice Barlow THIS MORNING, news of another school shooting hit the headlines, this time in Baltimore, Maryland. Fortunately, the school resource officer was on hand to gun down the student shooter, but not before two students were injured in the event. A nationwide walkout by students occurred last week, as many of them wanted to vent their frustration and fears on the lack of school safety, and a misguided desire to ban guns. Others just were happy to have any excuse not to be in class. The same old…

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Renewing National Unity By Restoring Reliance On Providence

George Washington in prayer

by Oletta Branstiter What happened To National Unity? Remember how united we were after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001? What happened? In sixteen short years – less than a generation – we’ve lost our fundamental fellowship. The first blow to our unity in the aftermath of this tragedy was the administration of Barrack Hussein Obama. He spent too much time and effort sowing and nurturing seeds of racial division. His negative pronouncements denied the very cultural achievements that procured the election of a President with African-American heritage. As…

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