Jesus Would Be Facing A Prison Sentence In Federal Court On Migrant Smuggling Charges

image of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the CNN documentary series, "Finding Jesus"

by Richard Cameron   I, as a general matter of policy as Editor in Chief, tend to strenuously avoid articles that delve into religious issues. We have a sister publication, National Candle, whose wheelhouse is just that. However, rules are made to be broken. Had Jesus been incarnated in the flesh in the American Southwest and brought light, hope and salvation to residents and immigrants alike, in the border zones of the Sonora Desert between the United States and Mexico, He would have found himself under the close scrutiny of…

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Human Trafficking Part III: How it Happens and How to Report it

By Janice Barlow _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Human (Sex) Trafficking is Nationwide Just about anywhere you go, if you know who to contact or what to look for, you can “hook up” with an underage girl or boy for sex. There are different types of action that people seek. Sadly, a good number of those who seek out this pedophilia (and that is precisely what it is – so if you know anyone who has, you may safely label that person a pedophile), are white married men, often who have their own children.…

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Human Trafficking Part II: The Crackdown on

By Janice Barlow The Door Slams on BACKPAGE.COM WAS THE LEADING PROMULGATOR of sex trafficking online advertising, both of minors and adults. It ran online classified ads which allowed those in the public who knew how to gain access to it (which was not overly difficult), to set up an “account”. The Senate had been investigating Backpage for some time, and was seeking a way to crack down on it and close it down once and for all. Backpage did not only advertise classifieds for prostitution, but it taught those involved…

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Human Trafficking in the United States Part 1: A Common Situation

By Janice Barlow Human Trafficking is not just overseas anymore. SEX TRAFFICKING of both young men and women and boys and girls has been a rampant problem in this country for many years. That’s correct. Not globally, but in the United States. Only recently has the issue begun to surface in mainstream headlines, and primarily on account of the shutdown of the website,, where men would seek out ways to hook up with these troubled and abused youth, many of whom were kidnapped. Although I was aware that this…

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Human Trafficking – Crimes Against Humanity

J. Lee Human Trafficking – Modern Day Slavery This story exposes the international shame of human, sex and labor trafficking. Human trafficking is prevalent in the United States and throughout the world. The idea in most people’s minds is it happens elsewhere, but America has its own dirty secrets. No nation is innocent in crimes against humanity. It is estimated that 1/3 of those trafficked are children. Wikipedia – Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker…

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At Least Ten Dead in Human Trafficking – The Darker Side of Illegal Immigration

semi-tractor trailer in which the bodies of dead migrants are being removed

By Janice Barlow When do human rights violations take precedence over human law? The illegal immigration problem that keeps getting handed down to the next administration only seems to intensify. But is the blame necessarily one that should be cast on those crossing our border? Or is it our fault, because we just do not enforce our laws to make it difficult for them to do so? Yesterday, a truck crammed full of people was discovered after it crossed over the border near San Antonio, Texas. The driver of the tractor-trailer, James Matthew…

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