The Next Trump Toxicity Test – Arizona Congressional District 8

nighttime city scape photo of Maricopa Country and Phoenix at dusk

by Richard Cameron   Arizona Congressional District 8 Special Election The next in the series of temperature readings of the GOP’s national crisis of confidence with American voters, takes place in Arizona on April 24 – tomorrow.  Arizona Congressional District 8 (CD-8), will be the scene of a special election pitting the last (woman) standing from the recent Republican primary, against a non-politician – at least a non-career politician on the Democrat side of the ledger. The GOP candidate is Debbie Lesko – a former state legislator from Arizona’s House…

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Fear And Loathing In The West Wing – Trump Adminstration’s Circular Firing Squad

video still of West Wing of the White House exploding, from the 2013 film, "Olympus Has Fallen"

by Richard Cameron The story that was disseminated by Trump’s media circus surrogates when General John Kelly took over from the beleaguered ex White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, was that Kelly was going act as a judicious gatekeeper, limiting access to the Oval Office.   The cherry on top would be that the chaos and confused messaging was going to be brought under control and Kelly would be a sobering influence on Donald Trump. From all we can see, Kelly may have accomplished the former to one degree or…

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No Longer United With Freedom Caucus – A Patriot Fights On

by Oletta Branstiter Up until Wednesday, there was a Facebook group I really admired. It was committed to consistent and determined political action toward the repeal of Obamacare. This social media group was dedicated to reminding our legislators of President Trump’s campaign promise to fully dismantle the “Affordable Care Act” of the Obama administration. This group rallied proactive politically astute citizens to do more than just vent in their wall statuses and rant in liberals’ comment boxes. Lita Whitener led the charge on Facebook to inform and motivate patriots to effectively…

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