GLADD Wants The Wonder Woman Sequel To Feature Her Bisexuality

computer generated action figure of Wonder Woman with shield deflecting bullets

By Dena Leichnitz The push to re-invent comic book superheroes and Wonder Woman The Left has continually tried to “turn” everyone gay by outing historical figures, whether there is evidence to support it or merely innuendo. Having incorporated that is a tactic in GLBTQ politics, it probably comes as no surprise that there is a concerted effort to “reboot” entertainment  icons including in the world of comics –  particularly action figures. For instance, in today’s iteration of comic books, Iron Man has gone from a straight, White male to a Black lesbian. From…

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Wonder Woman – She’s Not Lynda Carter, But Gal Godot Is Sensational Anyway

By Dena Leichnitz I don’t see movies twice very often and I certainly do not pay to see them twice if I do. However, Wonder Woman is the one film I had no problem giving my money twice to see. When I first saw who they picked for the role of Wonder Woman, I wasn’t too impressed. She didn’t look enough like Lynda Carter to me because when I think of Wonder Woman I think Lynda Carter. Lynda iconized the role and in my mind, no one could touch her.…

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