Credible News Sources Versus Incredible Sensationalism: Getting at the Truth

By Janice Barlow In recent days, America has been deluged with seemingly endless tragedies, both individual and massive. Hurricanes, earthquakes, a mass shooting in Las Vegas, raging fires in California, and the deaths of celebrities have and are bombarding our newsfeeds.  (I do say, America, because Puerto Rico is a Territory of the U.S. and Mexico is part of the American continent). All sources want to be first. But who gets it right? Although we should never become jaded, inured to the horrors that seem to be occurring with increased frequency and magnitude,…

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Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper, Too? – Motivation

Rescue on flooded street

by Oletta Branstiter Fires in the West. Floods in the South. Some people are citing the Gospel warnings of the Last Days. The truth is, our planet has been in the throes of “birth pains” since the Fall of Man. The Bible also admonishes that no one knows the day or hour of final judgment. therefore, we should always be ready. Redeeming the Time What was my original motivation for prepping? Free time. In 2011, I resigned from being a paraprofessional campus Library Specialist when I was informed that I…

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