2018’s Mass School Shootings – 29 Deaths That Failed To Move A Nation

Sky cam view of Santa Fe High School with law enforcement and first responder vehicles staging response to Friday's mass shooting on campus

by Tony Wyman No matter what I write, no matter how much I plead with readers that we not allow the deaths in Texas yesterday to be in vain by allowing our discussion of the problem of school shootings to degrade into a pointless, futile shouting match over the Second Amendment, that is likely what will happen. Because we care more about guns – loving them or hating them – than we do about kids. I suppose that isn’t really a fair statement.  Outside of the most deranged and extreme…

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“I, Gun Owner” – Meet The People Who Take Personal Responsibility For Their Safety

by Richard Cameron Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of personal narratives from real people, who rely on the natural law and Constitutional freedom to use firearms to defend themselves from crime. In recreating their stories, I have allowed them anonymity to respect their privacy. These composite first person accounts and viewpoints are characteristic of many thousands of gun owners who are responsible and use firearms lawfully to protect themselves, their loved ones, neighbors and even strangers. I, gun owner live in Portland, Oregon and have a…

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