The First Amendment Is Being Smothered Right Under Your Nose

By Janice Barlow DOES FREEDOM OF SPEECH START at the top or at the bottom? Are we encased in a cocoon as mindless followers because we have become so jaded to what we should be standing up for? In this article, I will point to three specific examples of what is happening right under our collective noses in this country and how you, by your silence are acquiescing and allowing speech to be stifled.   Let’s start with the Press:    Jim Acosta, while displaying reporter-like aggressive behavior, was behaving…

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Safety And Security On Facebook – What You Need To Know To Protect Your Account

man in Facebook T-Shirt holding White Hat debit card

by Richard Cameron   Ever since Facebook arrived on the scene in Cambridge, Mass in 2004 (yes, that far back), it has been surrounded with controversy and detractors.  Anything that has such a wide reach throughout the fabric of society is bound to. Much of the criticism is valid. Facebook has provided not only a platform for social interaction, but also for government surveillance of citizens and for opportunists looking to exploit or steal your personal data. I have also written about the phenomenon of “Facebook Jail” – a place…

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Been In The Facebook Jail Lately? – Here’s How To Stay Out Of The Slammer

by Richard Cameron Have you been tossed in the clink? Spent time in stir? Locked up in the hoosegow? No, I don’t mean a stretch in prison or the county jail – I mean ‘Facebook Jail’. I myself, have not – but enough of my friends and a few colleagues have, so I decided to try to find out just what was at the bottom of this. Unfortunately in all the digging on the subject, which was considerable – I couldn’t find any Facebook employees that would go rogue, tell…

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