The Death of Madelyn Linsenmeir Shouldn’t Matter More Than the Deaths of Other Drug Victims

by Tony Wyman On October 7, 2018, in the idyllic community of Burlington, Vermont, a 30-year-old mother in police custody laid in a hospital bed where, later that evening, she would take her last breath, succumbing to the ravages of opioid addiction. Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir left behind a 3-year-old son, a life full of promise and unrealized talent, as well as a family that penned her obituary so full of heartbroken melancholy that it touched the world.  Publications like People Magazine, The Washington Post and USA Today in the United…

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Laws Targeting Drug Dealers Have Bipartisan Support, But Will They Work?

photo of a narcotics team with SWAT gear conducting a morning raid on a suspected drug ring's home

by Tony Wyman A new law proposed by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to charge drug dealers with manslaughter when the drugs they sell kill the user has strong support from many who see the state’s opiod crisis as one of the biggest threats facing the Commonwealth. But the bill has some skeptics who think increased jail time has little or no impact on drug abuse. If the law goes into effect, drug dealers responsible for the deaths of users would face a minimum sentence of five years in a state…

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Guns, Drugs, and Gangs, A Never Ending Circle of Blame

By Janice Barlow Last year was a record year for gun violence in Chicago. There were 4,331 shootings, 779 of which resulted in murder. This year, the percentage of people shot has dropped by 8%, from 1,391 last year on this date, to 1,278 this year. It’s nothing to write home about. The murder totals have dropped from 245 last year to 228 this year to date. It means that this year, seventeen more people avoided being murdered by a gunshot in Chicago than last year. If these crimes are researched, drugs…

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