Trump’s Failing And Feckless “Executive Privilege” Impeachment Strategy

Flickr Creative Commons photo image of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals

  by Richard Cameron   Friday closed out yet another turbulent week for the endangered presidency of Donald Trump. The White House counsel’s office, Cabinet agency level attorneys and GOP members of Congress in both houses have been maintaining that the House Impeachment Inquiry is either unlawful, un-Constitutional or lacking in “due process” or all of the above. Trump himself, tweeted, “The Ukraine investigation is just as Corrupt and Fake as all of the other garbage that went on before it.”  On the matter of whether the inquiry / investigation…

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Whistleblowers Are as American As Apple Pie And Hot Dogs

Lynda Bryant Work   “Every country needs its whistleblowers. They are crucial to a healthy society. The employee who, in the public interest, has the independence of judgement and the personal courage to challenge malpractice or illegality is a kind of public hero.”                                                   – Fuad Alakbarov   From the dawn of the United States, Congress has supported democracy and public integrity by protecting those who…

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Late Update On Crash In Mississippi Killing 16 Servicemen On KC-130T Out Of Cherry Point Air Station

Emergency officials respond to the site of a military plane crash near Itta Bena, Miss.,

by Richard Cameron WASHINGTON – Defense Department officials are now filling in new aspects of the tragic crash that took place Monday evening, of a military plane in Mississippi, taking the lives of all 16 soldiers aboard, (15 marines and one Navy sailor). The Pentagon is reporting that the flight took off from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina, and plummeted to earth in a rural Leflore County, Mississippi soybean field before it could complete it’s destination in El Centro, Calif – or alternately, a Air Reserve…

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