Dena vs. Dena: Two Sides Of Sanctuary Cities

image of highway signs saying "Welcome Illegal Immigrants, Sanctuary City" and downtown silhouette backdrop

By Dena Leichnitz   This is Dena Takruri (video below), and this is her take on why we should keep sanctuary cities.  All I have to say to her comments are, “Dena, you are wrong!”  And believe me that is not a sentence I utter very often.  So lets go over her comments and see why sanctuary cities are a bad thing and not helpful to society.  In order to avoid confusion when I am referring to Ms. Takruri, I will use the initials DT and when referring to myself, I…

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Homelessness In Los Angeles And America Has Many Faces And Needs Less Of Them

By Dena Leichnitz When I was kicked out of my home after twenty years, I felt like it was just me. As if no one else was going I through what I was. LA Times recently corrected that notion: L.A.’s crisis: High rents, low pay, homelessness rising and $2,000 doesn’t buy much. In fact as a person who has been looking for housing in Los Angeles since December, I can tell you, $2000 doesn’t even buy you a bedroom. If you check out you will not see many that are below…

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Wonder Woman – She’s Not Lynda Carter, But Gal Godot Is Sensational Anyway

By Dena Leichnitz I don’t see movies twice very often and I certainly do not pay to see them twice if I do. However, Wonder Woman is the one film I had no problem giving my money twice to see. When I first saw who they picked for the role of Wonder Woman, I wasn’t too impressed. She didn’t look enough like Lynda Carter to me because when I think of Wonder Woman I think Lynda Carter. Lynda iconized the role and in my mind, no one could touch her.…

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