America … No, I Won’t Love it Or Leave It

We the people

                                                                                                                            Jennifer Keller Puebla   The whole “not my president” or “he’s still your president” argument is nothing new. It happens every time we have an election. Democrats say…

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Federalism Trumps Nationalism In A Republic – States & Their Representatives Must Retain Sovereignty


by Oletta Branstiter Conservatives have been assailing the trend of populism since Donald Trump entered the 2016 election. As the Trump administration continues to reveal more rings in its circus, those who respect the rule of law can’t help but lament that Nationalism  has been substituted for Federalism. This past week included increasingly troubling revelations about the number of previously undisclosed participants in a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer presumably representing the Putin regime. The spectacle of a President throwing cabinet members under the bus made headlines as well. In…

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Who Was Andrew Jackson, and Why Does President Trump Identify with Him?

by Oletta Branstiter The first time President Trump equated himself with Andrew Jackson, he was being  interviewed by Sean Hannity immediately after the inauguration, mentioning the former president “who they say was the most like my campaign because it was a vicious campaign.” Presumably, he was referring to the story published during the 1828 Presidential campaign by the Republican-leaning Daily National Journal endorsing John Quincy Adams, that Democrat Jackson had “fought a man, chased him away like a dog, and stolen his wife”. Jackson ultimately fought a duel over the story…

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