“WE THE PEOPLE” – What It Meant, What It Should And Where We Lost Our Way

by Paul Hamlin   “We The People” In modern political history there has rarely been three more radical, more revolutionary words spoken or written.  “We the people” represents an idea far bigger, far greater than the simple everyday petty politics.  The Constitution is the idea that all people should focus on first, arguments about policy and process should be wrapped in the founding document. The dream of America, of representative governments, was and is that people, ordinary people, would see a need, a gap or a void and that out…

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Trump Followers Take Offense To Declaration Of Independence 140 Characters At A Time

copy of Declaration of Independence with Trump supporters tweet overlay

by Richard Cameron There is no point at which one can assume that they have plumbed the depths of the ignorance, cluelessness and hubris of the rank and file Trump follower. You might think, “all right, it just can’t get any more absurd” – but you would be mistaken. National Public Radio NPR, in celebration of our 241st anniversary of the Declaration Of Independence, posted the entire text on Twitter, 140 characters at a time.  Any reasonable person would applaud the innovation and the tribute. Any reasonable person… I will…

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A Copy of the Declaration of Independence Foments Controversy

by Oletta Branstiter A copy of the Declaration of Independence has been discovered by two Harvard researchers in Chichester, England. After two years of study and verification, they have released their findings to the public. The copy, found at the West Sussex Record Office, is believed to have been created in the 1800s. The researchers, Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen, were surprised to find that the names of the signatories were not displayed in the same way as the original document. While all the names of the representatives of the existing…

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