Where Did Real Men Go? Women; The Blame is Partially Yours

direction signs one point right (strength) the other pointing opposite left (weakness)

 J. Lee Where Did Real Men Go? What happened? I want to stress this story is not an attempt to bash men. In fact, this story also addresses the woman’s movement who is equally responsible. I don’t think men are 100% at fault, because women have done their part in role confusion. Society has hit a crossroad of extreme gender confusion. Some men have lost their masculinity and some women have lost their femininity. Traditional roles have been replaced with uncertainty. We have lost harmony and balance between male and female…

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Technology, a Help, a Hindrance or a Silent Killer?

by J. Lee Modern technology is amazing and exciting, but is it good for us? It is fast paced, allowing us to advance at a rapid pace. It can be a time saver, but it has also created a risk for illness. Consider how often technology and devices are upgraded before barely using what was supposed to be the latest and greatest. Due to constant advancements, too many users have developed a throw away mentality for ‘things’ that are easily replaced. It has also set into motion the mindset to…

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