Writer’s Lounge: Fiona Hill, Rudy Giuliani, Gordon Sondland, Donald Trump, ERA

photo of classic Victorian era study and lounge

  If Jim Jordan is leading the team, you might want to bet against that team.   In perusing the transcript of the Fiona Hill deposition before the joint House Impeachment Inquiry committee, presided over by Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), I happened across this gem, which gives us a bit of a preview how ineffective House Oversight Committee member Jim Jordan (R-OH) is going to prove to be when he is moved over to the House Intelligence Committee as replacement for Devin Nunes (R-CA), who has become a self caricature. …

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Clearing The Record On John McCain’s Record Of Service In The Navy

Prisoner of War, Lt. Commander John McCain shown in black and white photo in North Vietnamese Hua Lo prison hospital

by Richard Cameron   Due to the proliferation of fictitious accounts of the late Senator John McCain’s actions and experiences while serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam conflict, I made the decision as Editor in Chief of National Compass, that we must correct the record regarding the most frequently cited episodes – his role during a catastrophe that took place on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Forrestal, his time as prisoner of the North Vietnamese government in Hanoi, and allegations that he was a supporter of the Islamic…

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Conspiracies Arising – And QAnon Heads The List Of Wackos

By Janice Barlow WE HAVE ALL SCRATCHED OUR HEADS at various conspiracy theories. Some of us may have thought that there was merit to some of these telephone-tag notions, causing them to go viral as we jumped on a bandwagon that usually quickly dissipated and disappeared. Most of the believers in these crazy theories then tucked tail and pretended like they never really latched onto these alternative “facts” after they were proven false. But some die-hards stayed on board, still believing for instance, that school shootings are government-staged events created…

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Sifting Through Conspiracies in the Las Vegas Tragedy

By Janice Barlow Sadly, a mass, deadly attack has once again occurred inside our own borders. We can no longer assume that it is safe to be in the United States compared to say, Europe, Australia or South America. The desensitized nature we had grown accustomed to regarding our surroundings no longer applies. We must be wary and on guard at all times, and even that vigilance won’t always guarantee complete safety. Rather than focusing on the argument of owning assault weapons, I am currently concerned with the impulsive need of…

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Alex Jones Followers and the Hoaxed Mindset: Sandy Hook in the News Again

By Janice Barlow We’ve all heard them.  Or read about them. Sometimes we are tempted to believe them. But in most cases, we peek behind the curtain and sanity reappears. Contrary to Alex Jones and his haywire hoaxer junkies: 9/11 was not an inside job perpetrated by the Bush administration. There was no Pizzagate with a bunch of Democrat officials involved in a satanic child porn ring. And Sandy Hook was not a set up by Barack Obama in order to promulgate gun control. Today, a group called, Sandy Hook…

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