Refugee Resettlement Revisited And Set To Be Cut In 2018: The Facts, The Numbers

photo of Sahrawi refugee camp in Algerian desert

by Richard Cameron The number of refugees from nations plagued by civil and sectarian war, admitted to the US under the US Refugees Admissions Program  (USRAP) peaked during President Barack Obama’s final year in office (August and September 2016) and dropped considerably from October to January, continuing to drop in Donald Trump’s first year.  The below graph illustrates the numbers over the last 10 years of the program: Although refugees were brought to the US prior to USRAP – USRAP commenced formally during the Carter administration and was continued by Ronald Reagan. …

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Nixing the F-Bomb in 2018

By Janice Barlow A NOTEWORTHY RESOLUTION for all upstanding people of faith and otherwise, would be to remove the offensive “f-bomb” from their vocabularies in the upcoming new year. However, this is much more difficult than one would believe; more difficult even, than a diet. Incorporating something as simple as a word into one’s everyday speech until it has become a habit is almost like breathing. People often say something without realizing that they have verbalized it. Take, for instance, the word “like“. As a teenager, I was reprimanded countless…

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