The Fate of Our Families And How We Can Change Course

crayon style drawing of family with Mom, Dad and Child.

by Paul Hamlin This may be chicken and egg argument, but in truth it doesn’t matter.  The American family is disintegrating, and it really doesn’t matter what happened first, whether societal pressures are destroying families or if families dissolving are causing the societal illness.  What we do know is that the family is a representation of the modern society. So, we can argue which came first, but the truth is we cannot solve the problems of society without looking at and solving our family issues. Let’s start with some disclaimers: This is…

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Christmas, A Time for Joy? Yes – Except For Many Pets Given As Gifts

photo image of two small white dogs posing for Christmas picture with Christmas tree bandanas on

by J. Lee CHRISTMAS, A TIME FOR JOY – BUT FOR PETS GIVEN AS GIFTS? Who has been naughty and who has been nice? It is that time of the year when people get out their Christmas shopping lists. Gifts are fun to give and fun to get. Christmas is all about giving and celebrating with family and friends. What is not fun are statistics that show pets given as gifts abandoned following Christmas. Sadly shelters fill up with relinquished pets. Similar statistics occur following Easter with the abandonment of…

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Gender Confusion, Modern Culture And Political Correctness

symbol male-and-female-relationship-sign

 J. Lee Gender Confusion, Modern Culture and Political Correctness GENDER CONFUSION Society has hit a crossroad of gender confusion. Not all, but many men have lost their masculinity and women have lost their femininity. Some people choose to live an androgynous lifestyle while others refuse to identify with the sex of their birth. The final identity transformation occurs through sex reassignment surgery as seen with Chastity Bono and Bruce Jenner. ANDROGYNY  Some celebrities led androgynous trends in the 1970’s and 1980’s which continues today. They preferred to dress in gender…

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 Do All Children Need Roots and Wings? Traditions vs. Memories

by Oletta Branstiter There’s an article published by that is circulating on Facebook lately.  I may have responded too quickly to the title of the post: “Why traditions and holidays are so important to your kids.” My reply was, “Unless your kids just aren’t that into them!” My children’s reaction to traditions and holidays was a consistent and wholehearted “Meh.” And I learned to love them for it. Our tradition was having no traditions. Birthday and Christmas celebrations were almost dreaded. Year after year, “Do we have to?” was…

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“Birds Don’t Lay Eggs Before Their Nest Is Ready” … Nest-Building 101 – Prerequisite Course

by Oletta Branstiter I saw a brilliant meme on Facebook recently. It was a photo of a bird’s nest, with the words: “Birds don’t lay eggs before their nest is ready.” Can I get an “Amen!”? For more reasons than I can count, this should be the motto of humans, as well.  Just look at the current news or social media debates. Why do we have nearly a million abortions per year in the United States? Because eggs were laid before a nest was ready. Why are over a million babies…

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