Eric Garner’s Killer, Daniel Pantaleo Fired From NYPD – But Justice Is Far From Served

video still image of recently fired NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, terminated by New York City authorities for his role in the 2014 death of Eric Garner, in which he applied a chokehold that had been banned by the department since 1994.

  by Richard Cameron   Within the last 36 hours, there has been widespread reaction to the decision by NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill , to order the firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo on grounds of violating department rules against employing a chokehold which led directly to the death of Eric Garner in 2014.  To recap that event.  On July 17, 2014, a large contingent of NYPD officers from the 120th Precinct approached a man on Bay Street– a business district in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of the borough of Staten Island. The call was in…

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The Trump Presidency: A Steady Global Devolution Towards Disorder

by Paul Szydlowski Three weeks after he was elected, I posted some predictions of where a Trump presidency might lead us. Among the predictions were failure to complete a border wall, soaring federal deficits, potholes in the attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act and steady global devolution towards disorder if the U.S. were to withdraw from global treaties and alliances. I believe it’s time for a review of where things stand. This is in no way an exhaustive list. Internationally, our withdrawal from multiple international agreements, along with our…

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Single-Payer Health Care Is The Goal For Both Democrats And Republicans

by Oletta Branstiter Both California and New York are moving rapidly toward legislating a state-run single-payer health care system. The plans would be costly – about $400 billion to cover every Californian, legal or not, and between $91 billion and $225 billion for New Yorkers. The plans would necessarily raise taxes substantially. Economists estimate a 15% rise in payroll taxes for the Golden State. reports that “Vermont experimented with single-payer health care, but ultimately abandoned the project in 2014 because it was too costly.”  State-run single-payer health care is…

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