How To Detoxify The Way We Debate And Respectfully Disagree

graphic with hand and marker writing the word "debate"

by Paul Hamlin Today’s political environment is corrosive and toxic.  There can be no question of that.  We are often motivated by fear and anger when we approach anyone that has a different opinion than we do.  We have allowed this anger and fear to create severe division and allowed the political parties to capitalize on those emotions and drive us further and further apart.  We have become so attached to our fear and anger that we have stoppered our ears to the arguments of others and worse, we have…

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Quantum Physics of Prayer: Truth-Plane

by Oletta Branstiter Two Dimensions of Prayer  So far, in this series, we’ve become acquainted with an evolution from the zero dimension of Thought to the first dimension of Connection to God and all creation in real time. The second dimension refers to Light squared (l x w). The line becomes a plane – Thought vibrating in two dimensions. According to Biblical numerology, the number 2 represents a division or the second person of the Trinity. Light is EM energy. Einstein defined energy as mass multiplied by the speed of light…

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