The Invisible Plight of Homelessness In The Middle Class

photo of tent city in Santa Ana (Orange County, California)

by Dena Leichnitz   The blight of homelessness is hitting the middle class.  WE THINK OF HOMELESSNESS as a problem of poverty, but every year in California due to wildfires, homelessness hits the middle class. Homes burn down and people lose everything. Of course, that is not the only way people end up homeless; sickness in the family and the piling medical bills can drive them to the streets. Some lose their jobs like David Raether, (video below), and in California especially, losing your job can be an one way…

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Dena vs. Dena: Two Sides Of Sanctuary Cities

image of highway signs saying "Welcome Illegal Immigrants, Sanctuary City" and downtown silhouette backdrop

By Dena Leichnitz   This is Dena Takruri (video below), and this is her take on why we should keep sanctuary cities.  All I have to say to her comments are, “Dena, you are wrong!”  And believe me that is not a sentence I utter very often.  So lets go over her comments and see why sanctuary cities are a bad thing and not helpful to society.  In order to avoid confusion when I am referring to Ms. Takruri, I will use the initials DT and when referring to myself, I…

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Motorcycling: Ride Respecting Others And Beware Of Those Who Don’t

line of motorcyclists sport touring on rural highway

by J. Lee Motorcycling Best Practices And Survival Tactics Motorcycle riders are often thought of negatively no matter how positive their actions are. It is far too easy for the general public who already have bias against bikers to unfairly accuse all bikers from the actions of a few.  This story will cover lane splitting, illegal stunt riding on public roads, road rage and group rides. Lane Splitting In many states lane splitting is not illegal, but it is best done at low speeds. It is common to see it…

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Single-Payer Health Care Is The Goal For Both Democrats And Republicans

by Oletta Branstiter Both California and New York are moving rapidly toward legislating a state-run single-payer health care system. The plans would be costly – about $400 billion to cover every Californian, legal or not, and between $91 billion and $225 billion for New Yorkers. The plans would necessarily raise taxes substantially. Economists estimate a 15% rise in payroll taxes for the Golden State. reports that “Vermont experimented with single-payer health care, but ultimately abandoned the project in 2014 because it was too costly.”  State-run single-payer health care is…

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Update on the Rescue of Kidnap Victim, Elizabeth Thomas

By Janice Barlow The capture of Tad Cummins, the ex-teacher who kidnapped his 15-year-old student, Elizabeth Thomas, in Tennessee on March 13th, and led law enforcement on a cross country goose chase, has merely opened the door to many questions. What happened to her between that time and her capture on Thursday? More will come out on that in the days ahead, if Elizabeth decides to talk. Griffin Barry is responsible for the arrest and rescue. Barry owns a property with a gas station in Cecilville, in remote northern California. The pair…

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