Brad Thor, A Primary Opponent For Donald Trump And The BIG “IF”

movie still of the Marvel Super Hero - THOR

By Janice Barlow Definition of “Conservative”: a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics. Synonyms: Right-winger, reactionary, rightist, die-hard ( Best selling author Brad Thor tweeted on Saturday that he would primary President Donald Trump in a 2020 run “IF no conservative steps up…..” (emphasis mine). That’s a big IF. and it’s also a broad challenge. Who is included in that statement? If no conservative steps up, I will absolutely challenge Donald Trump in 2020. America deserves better leadership.…

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The Purple GOP and Why it Must Bleed Red Again

By Janice Barlow WELL, IT’S FINALLY HERE. The year of the midterm elections. Instead of being revved up and ready to hit the ground running, Republicans seem skittish. The candidates and Congress members are not red-blooded anymore. They are oxygen depleted and absorbing the blue of the liberals. They are turning purple. Some are announcing their retirement, like Senator Orin Hatch (Utah) who served for 40 years. He certainly should retire though. His most likely replacement at this point is Mitt Romney, another moderate with a slightly better liberty score,…

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Two Paths That You Can Go By – Senator Jeff Flake Points To The High Road

photo of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake at town hall meeting

by Tony Wyman Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) called us all out on the carpet last night with a speech that will go down in history as one of the greatest ever given by an American politician.                                                                                                             …

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As The Trump Tweets Continue – The Challenges From A Parent’s Perspective

retouched / colorized image of President Trump tweeting with patented scowl on his face

by Danielle Pechette-Graham Trump Tweets – There’s No End To Them The Trump Tweets continue unabated.  Ever since the President of the United States of America took to Twitter to personally attack the hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe” it has dominated the news and social media. Outside of the small core group of rabid Trump supporters, the majority of the country who has spoken out has come out against the Presidents behavior. However, far too many in the GOP, the party of “principles and…

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Bill Maher Can’t Even Get the Left to Like Him

By Janice Barlow After last week’s foot-in-mouth disease where talk show host Bill Maher used the “N” word live on the air, it is a wonder he has any following left at all. Maher was responding last Friday to his guest, conservative Senator Ben Sasse, who asked Bill if he would “like to come and work in the field with us“. Maher responded in jest, saying that he was a “house “n“. The moment the word left his lips, he no doubt realized the widespread negative impact it would have.…

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The Choice is To Choose Life: Republican Senators Will Show Their True Colors on Spending Bill

By Janice Barlow In a strange twist of events in DC, the most conservative of House Republicans decided to go along with the revised version of the Health Care bill, which was far from a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The Health Care proposal is part of the Spending Bill. Like most bills, it is not a standalone bill, making the process of voting for parts that matter to congressional members a murky one. It’s a short term fix to avoid an otherwise inevitable government shutdown. The Trumpcare part will be…

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