Superhero Or Supervillian: Is There Really A Difference?

Save the Rat White House meme featuring Superman with a banner reading "Save The Rat"

by Lynda Bryant-Work “It’s the superhero problem. Superpowers make everything personal. Batman versus Joker. Fantastic Four versus Galactus. The Big G might be the Devourer of Worlds, but in the end he’s just a dude. Beat him and the problem goes away. But the real problems aren’t like that. You can’t solve them by hitting them. The real supervillains were people in suits who met in rooms and decided things. Destroy one and another would take their place.”  Ian McDonald It is called “Superhero Politics.” Convince a fan base that someone is…

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Holy Obituary! Adam West – TV’s Batman and Mayor West of Quahog, passes today at 88

by Richard Cameron So many tributes and reports about Adam West are circulating today, but I had to make a personal contribution to the lot, because of the indelible impression Mr. West as the invincible but predicament plagued caped crusader Batman, made on me at the impressionable and enthusiastic age of 10.  I wasn’t alone. Comic book addicted kids of my age group watched “Batman” with breathless anticipation as did older viewers, who interpreted its tongue in cheek, satirical subtexts. Escapist and wacky was the coin of the realm in…

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