Trump’s Anti-immigrant Policy – Hurting Graduate Schools And Global Competitiveness

A third-generation immigrant student graduates from university with his grandmother beside him.

by Tony Wyman The impact on graduate schools of Trump’s anti-immigrant policy If you attend a graduation ceremony this summer, one thing that is likely to catch your attention is the number of foreign-sounding names receiving advanced degrees, particularly ones in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Many of these students are the second- or third-generation offspring of immigrants, legal and otherwise, entering the United States to make a better life for themselves and their children and grandchildren. Like many immigrants before them, they have taken advantage of the…

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Meltdown Cyber Threat Is Radioactive For Intel And Your PCs, Macs And Smartphones

by Richard Cameron   By now, most of our readers have likely heard about the Apple iPhone debacle late December, in which the company pushed power consumption updates to various of their recent and older cell phones, slowing the phone data transmission rate in order to extend the life of their non user replaceable batteries. That continues to rankle millions of iPhone users worldwide and constitute a corresponding PR disaster for the company. Just on the heels of that is a tech fail that affects a predominant variety of computing…

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