Obstruction Of Justice Case Mounting Against Trump

photo of sign announcing the entry of Obstruction Point in Washington State

By Lynda Bryant-Work Each day there seems to be some new question about President Donald Trump attempting to obstruct justice. The question of Trump’s obstruction of justice reared its ugly head beginning about the time of former FBI Director James Comey’s firing and has become increasingly the focus of attention. With continued indictments at this stage of Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigations with mounting evidence of alleged wrong doing by many in the Trump administration, the obstruction issue keeps growing. Obstruction of justice, in United States jurisdictions, is the crime…

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The Backlash Is Coming In Spades For President Trump In The Jim Comey Firing

by Dani Graham In an act that shocked the Nation, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey as he was actively investigating members of Trump’s campaign and their possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election. The timing has raised more than just a few eyebrows. It’s raised concerns from both Democrats and Republicans alike. The backlash that followed the announcement was swift and harsh. Members of Congress quickly released statements through the press or social media to express their consternation over the timing of the dismissal. Choosing to…

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