The Constitution’s Emoluments Clause – The Case Against Trump?

Night time photo of the Supreme Court building from the outside front looking up the steps leading to the entrance

by Paul Hamlin Emoluments, seems like a strange word in modern conversation and it is a confusing word when applied to modern politics.  This idea has come back to the forefront of the national political conversation, and as always there are several interpretations and several different solutions based primarily on what side of the political isle you find yourself on. If we try to take off our partisan hats and look at all sides of the emoluments clause and the constitution, what does that look like? Benjamin Franklin’s Snuffbox European…

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Who Was Andrew Jackson, and Why Does President Trump Identify with Him?

by Oletta Branstiter The first time President Trump equated himself with Andrew Jackson, he was being  interviewed by Sean Hannity immediately after the inauguration, mentioning the former president “who they say was the most like my campaign because it was a vicious campaign.” Presumably, he was referring to the story published during the 1828 Presidential campaign by the Republican-leaning Daily National Journal endorsing John Quincy Adams, that Democrat Jackson had “fought a man, chased him away like a dog, and stolen his wife”. Jackson ultimately fought a duel over the story…

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When Push Comes to Shove – America’s Divided, But Bernie’s Back On Tour

by Oletta Branstiter When push comes to shove, a fight often breaks out and we realize that Bernie Sanders is still in the ring. “More than a dozen Democrats interviewed by The Hill say the Vermont Independent has become a powerful and welcome voice for the party struggling to find its identity after a devastating defeat in 2016.” Democratic strategist Jim Manley called Bernie “a good Democrat”. Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez recently appeared at seven state rallies for unity in a period of six days. The…

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