Writer’s Lounge 10-25-19 Tobin’s “Foxocracy”, Jennifer Puebla On Courage

photo of a room that has old, comfortable Leather upholstered couches, a fireplace, wood paneled walls, an Irish Whiskey advertisement, a wall mounted television and a vintage coffee table. The photo is dubbed, "Writer's Lounge".

  Well, time for a Friday Writer’s Lounge.  Hope you will say TGIWL (Thank God it’s Writer’s Lounge). And then again, on second thought, maybe we shouldn’t blame Him for this. Thank Goodness for Writer’s Lounge? We could go for that. First up, we have news about a new partnership we’re excited about. National Compass is joining forces with Tobin Smith, to bring you the opportunity to get yourself a free e-copy of his incredible new book, “Foxocracy”. Why are we making this offer? For our part, National Compass has…

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