Our Nation’s Foundations – Lesson Four: Individual Liberty

Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag

Individual Liberty Our nation’s Founders and Framers of the Constitution wanted people to make decisions for their own lives. They wanted the most liberty possible while respecting the rights of others. Remember, the pillars we’re erecting atop the Rule of Law should represent eternal principles that will strongly support our system of government. The first pillar of principle was Limited Government.  The next pillar of principle is just as vital for strengthening a Republic designed to protect our liberties. Our next pillar is Individual Liberty. Create another pillar to erect…

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Boiling Over – How Profit and Power Undermined Principle to Produce a Revolution

By Oletta Branstiter The Real Revolution – the Global Story of American Independence, by Marc Aronson, focuses on the concurrent lives of three 18th century British soldiers Robert Clive, James Wolfe, and George Washington and their influence on the American Revolution. Equally compelling is how the hypocritical ideologies played out simultaneously on three separate continents converged to set the stage for rebellion. Some political realities set the groundwork for this unfolding history. England established the East India Company, colonizing cities in sweltering India in the year 1600. While a British parliament…

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