Director’s Profile

Richard Cameron –  Editor-in-Chief

Richard’s writing and editorial background commenced in 2010. He self published and also contributed to D.C. based CommunitiesDigitalNews and other online news / commentary sites.

California based – Mr. Cameron’s experience includes that of assistant editor. Other experience that informs his writing and editorial direction includes 10 years as a consultant to the public safety community; advising agencies on homeland security, disaster preparedness and first responder technology.

Cameron forged a lasting awareness and concern about government affairs and national policies during his involvement in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 election and 1984 re-election campaigns. 

No longer affiliated with any political party, he describes himself as “post-partisan” and “post-ideology” and wages daily battle against fake news and political extremism that arises from either political party or end of the political spectrum.

National Compass is editorially positioned by Mr. Cameron, to be situated in the political middle and serves the new wave of independent voters, centrists and moderates.

Mr. Cameron committed National Compass to rigorous fact checking, research, referring to reliable and credible sources and has signed Intentional Insight’s “Pro-Truth Pledge” for online media platforms. You can email him – here.