The Brave New World Of Productivity Maximized Robot Workforces & Trump’s False Narrative

photo of Kismit Robot at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Museum

by Tony Wyman Editor’s Note:  This review of productivity maximized robot workforces, is the second part in a series examining the challenge of the rapid incorporation of automation and mechanization displacing American workers.  In part One, the author examined the plans for automated transportation (the trucking industry) and increased mechanization of coal mining. Productivity Increases What entices managers to increase their reliance on robots is obvious: greater productivity at lower costs.  Robots are increasing American manufacturing productivity dramatically, up 32% from 1998 to 2012. Today, thanks to automation, there are…

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Mr. Roboto is Stealing Your Job – Mechanization In Trucking And Coal Mining

photo of actual robotic hand

by Tony Wyman Automation vs. Truck Driving Humans According to the American Trucking Association, there are 3.5 million people driving trucks professionally in this country, earning anywhere from an average of $41,000 to $81,000 a year.  And robots are about to put those drivers out of a job. A recent story in the MIT Technology Review claimed self-driving long haul trucks will be common on highways in five to ten years, making the humans driving the big rigs obsolete.  Not only are self-driving trucks more efficient, able to drive long hours…

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House Passes CHOICE Act with Little Hope of Success – Dodd-Frank Remains the Law for Now

by Oletta Branstiter The majority of Americans were focused on the media circus surrounding former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress yesterday regarding possible Russian collusion and obstruction of justice by President Trump. You may have missed the halfhearted news: “The House of Representatives pushed through a bill Thursday that would gut many of the key banking reforms implemented after the financial crisis.” CNBC adds, “In a primarily partisan vote, the House passed the Financial Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs Act, a highly controversial measure that stands…

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The Fallacious Narrative Of The Trump Economic Turnaround – Retail And Consumers

photo credit: Dale Gerhard / Press of Atlantic City by Richard Cameron Certain individuals inclined to see all things Trump, through the lenses of rose colored glasses – including the economy, are ignoring the warning signs of the hard economic data. Credit Suisse, the Wall Street Journal and Fitch are not. The backdrop to the data that these three observers of the real economy are examining, are the GDP numbers for the first quarter of 2017. Cheerleaders of the script that Donald Trump was going to usher in a new cycle…

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