Credible News Sources Versus Incredible Sensationalism: Getting at the Truth

By Janice Barlow In recent days, America has been deluged with seemingly endless tragedies, both individual and massive. Hurricanes, earthquakes, a mass shooting in Las Vegas, raging fires in California, and the deaths of celebrities have and are bombarding our newsfeeds.  (I do say, America, because Puerto Rico is a Territory of the U.S. and Mexico is part of the American continent). All sources want to be first. But who gets it right? Although we should never become jaded, inured to the horrors that seem to be occurring with increased frequency and magnitude,…

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Phil Williams And His Mission To Inspire Youth Via The Medium Of Entertainment

Phil Williams' Lil' Jimmy character with custom van and Lil' Jimmy graphics

By Janice Barlow Phil Williams is not your garden variety veteran of military service.  He’s a gospel singer/songwriter who has written hundreds of songs and records and mixes for other artists.  He has a radio podcast.  He’s a preacher when the occasion calls for it; a youth pastor at Mustard Seed Faith Ministries under Pastor Jimmy A. Copeland – and a motivational speaker. Phil’s out in neighborhoods in and around metropolitan Atlanta daily, talking with young people about civics and responsibility, conflict resolution and problem solving in their own street…

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A Reality Check On The Trump Phoenix Rally (Worship Service)

Trump at his speaking podium during rally in Phoenix, Arizona

by Richard Cameron The National Clown Gangsta made an appearance in Phoenix yesterday to flatulate.  It was not necessary, was disruptive and had nothing to do with governance.  Drumpf the Clown just needed a worship service.  He’s addicted to them now.  Trump essentially announced without actually doing so, a presidential pardon for a former law enforcement official (convicted Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio), that callously and deliberately disobeyed the clear and unambiguous order of a federal court. Because it is the right thing to do? No – because his shriveling…

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Revered Comedian Jerry Lewis, Gone at 91

By Janice Barlow Jerry Lewis was many things to many people. But most people remember him as kind, funny and good hearted. He passed away at home in Las Vegas this morning. He was 91 years old. Lewis had a long and mostly successful career which launched in the mid 1950’s after connecting with crooner, Dean Martin. Later, he went on his own as a film star. Jerome Levitch, as he was born on March 26, 1926, was a high school dropout at 16 who had an insecure upbringing as he…

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Stranger Than Fiction Reality TV Shows On Cable Trying to Steal Network Viewers

By Janice Barlow Cable television is heating up for the fall season, in competition with the networks. Each year, the cable channels steal away some of the viewers from traditional shows on network television. Personally, I can’t recall watching any network TV show on a regular basis recently except for “24“. The fixation with reality shows continues. On the standard viewing circuit, the typical competition shows, complete with drama prevail. “American Idol“, “Dancing With the Stars“, “America’s Got Talent“, “Survivor“, and so on, have replaced sitcoms. But cable has taken…

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Did Russian President Vladimir Putin Order The Murder Of The Founder of Russia Today?

photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin in casual dress, leather jacket

On November 5, 2015, Mikhail Yuriyevich Lesin, close confidante of Russian President Vladimir Putin and founder of the website Russia Today, which the Columbia Journalism Review called, “The Kremlin’s propaganda outlet,” was found dead in his Washington D.C. Dupont Circle hotel room. Despite multiple bruises on Mr. Lesin’s head, neck and upper-body, including signs of blunt force trauma that would indicate he died a violent death, initial reports indicated the 57-year-old Russian died of a simple heart attack. “Mikhail Lesin, a prominent Russian political figure and mass media expert credited with…

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Trump’s Use Of National Enquirer As A Threat Is Laughable To Intelligent People

Cover image of National Enquirer Tabloid claiming that former President Obama has a secret plot to Impeach Donald Trump

By Janice Barlow The National Enquirer – Donald Trump’s Impotent Sword Of Damocles    Just when we thought tabloids had sunk below the level of FAKE NEWS, the National Enquirer has resurfaced once again. President Trump’s most recent Twitter rants about MSNBC co-hosts of its Morning Joe show apparently went deeper than just the mild stick in the eye that we’ve become accustomed to. Both Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski claim that a White House aide had contacted them with essentially what amounted to blackmail. If they apologized for their…

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Trump’s Misogynistic Tweets – Donald Trump Is A Sad Excuse For A Man And A President

picture collage of Mika Brzezinski, Donald Trump and GOP Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins' Tweet

by Tony Wyman  Trump and his misogynistic tweets are just sad … There used to be a time in this country, back when it was greater than it is today, when men defended the honor and reputations of women against other men.  Maybe those were chauvinistic days, when men assumed that women were fragile, weak and defenseless. Perhaps women have never really needed the protection of men to the extent that some of us, myself included, are willing to offer them.  Perhaps all along women have been more than capable…

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Alex Jones Followers and the Hoaxed Mindset: Sandy Hook in the News Again

By Janice Barlow We’ve all heard them.  Or read about them. Sometimes we are tempted to believe them. But in most cases, we peek behind the curtain and sanity reappears. Contrary to Alex Jones and his haywire hoaxer junkies: 9/11 was not an inside job perpetrated by the Bush administration. There was no Pizzagate with a bunch of Democrat officials involved in a satanic child porn ring. And Sandy Hook was not a set up by Barack Obama in order to promulgate gun control. Today, a group called, Sandy Hook…

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Bill Maher Can’t Even Get the Left to Like Him

By Janice Barlow After last week’s foot-in-mouth disease where talk show host Bill Maher used the “N” word live on the air, it is a wonder he has any following left at all. Maher was responding last Friday to his guest, conservative Senator Ben Sasse, who asked Bill if he would “like to come and work in the field with us“. Maher responded in jest, saying that he was a “house “n“. The moment the word left his lips, he no doubt realized the widespread negative impact it would have….

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