America … No, I Won’t Love it Or Leave It

We the people

                                                                                                                            Jennifer Keller Puebla   The whole “not my president” or “he’s still your president” argument is nothing new. It happens every time we have an election. Democrats say…

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There are Ways to Handle a Midlife Crisis Without Buying a Corvette

by Tony Wyman At 57, I find too many times that I am “that guy,” the older, greying veteran warning younger men to prepare better for middle age than I did, to be in a better place emotionally to handle that moment that will inevitably come when they realize their best days are behind them. Greybeards warned me, of course, when I was in my 20’s and was smarter than everyone else.  And I treated their advice with the same disdain the young men I talk to treat my words. …

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How To Detoxify The Way We Debate And Respectfully Disagree

graphic with hand and marker writing the word "debate"

by Paul Hamlin Today’s political environment is corrosive and toxic.  There can be no question of that.  We are often motivated by fear and anger when we approach anyone that has a different opinion than we do.  We have allowed this anger and fear to create severe division and allowed the political parties to capitalize on those emotions and drive us further and further apart.  We have become so attached to our fear and anger that we have stoppered our ears to the arguments of others and worse, we have…

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Aretha Franklin – How She Influenced This White Kid In 1967 Los Angeles

photo of the wax figure of R&B legend Aretha Franklin on display at the famous Madame Tussauds' museum in London, England.

by Richard Cameron Aretha Franklin  March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018 I decided not to recap the commonly reported information regarding the broad musical and personal history of Aretha Franklin, who passed yesterday of complications related to Pancreatic cancer. Those details are easily accessible via various news reports and Wikipedia – although some will be touched upon here. Instead, my essay here, has to do with my own recollections of Ms. Franklin, how she emerged on the scene as a breakthrough entertainer in pop music and the context of…

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“WE THE PEOPLE” – What It Meant, What It Should And Where We Lost Our Way

by Paul Hamlin   “We The People” In modern political history there has rarely been three more radical, more revolutionary words spoken or written.  “We the people” represents an idea far bigger, far greater than the simple everyday petty politics.  The Constitution is the idea that all people should focus on first, arguments about policy and process should be wrapped in the founding document. The dream of America, of representative governments, was and is that people, ordinary people, would see a need, a gap or a void and that out…

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The Fate of Our Families And How We Can Change Course

crayon style drawing of family with Mom, Dad and Child.

by Paul Hamlin This may be chicken and egg argument, but in truth it doesn’t matter.  The American family is disintegrating, and it really doesn’t matter what happened first, whether societal pressures are destroying families or if families dissolving are causing the societal illness.  What we do know is that the family is a representation of the modern society. So, we can argue which came first, but the truth is we cannot solve the problems of society without looking at and solving our family issues. Let’s start with some disclaimers: This is…

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Neema Mission Centre – Bringing Change To Uganda At The Community Level

by Richard Cameron I have my first international mission trust and infatuation – and I’d like to entice you to partner with me in it. There’s plenty of room for participation and more hands in the field are more than welcome. I refer to a community based development organization in Uganda known as the Neema Mission Center. Before I go into detail on Neema, I think it would be valuable to outline the setting of Neema and the conditions that exist in this portion of East Central Africa – a…

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The Pilgrimage of Pain

by Oletta Branstiter Author and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis examined the unavoidable dilemma of suffering in his book, “The Problem of Pain”, published in 1940. In this thoughtful study, Lewis reveals that: Humans have the capability to anticipate and philosophize pain. Pain shatters the illusion that we have all we need. Pain is a means to an end. Pain reminds us that this world is not enough. Pain is a foreshadow of hell to avoid. Pain is a condition experienced by most people at some time in their lives, and…

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Don’t Be Fooled By Easter

by Oletta Branstiter Some pastors are having a field day with the fact that Easter falls on April Fool’s Day this year. The church marquees practically write themselves. Trump apologist Dr. Robert Jeffress, of First Baptist Church in Dallas, has titled his Sunday sermon, “The Resurrection: Foolish, Fake News, or Fact?” (Insert eye roll here.) Every year, children are being fooled into equating chaotic and greedy egg hunts inexplicably produced by a rabbit, with a prophesied miracle. The fake celebrations are facilitated by exquisite hand-dyed Ukrainian Pysanky eggs from the local…

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Quantum Physics of Prayer: Superstring Theory of Conclusions

by Oletta Branstiter Tap Into Omnipotent Energy Now that we know that we are God’s Thought, connected to Him, invited to respond to Truth in each moment, conscious of both Creator and creation, able to choose His will over our own, and called to a divine purpose, how then should we live? The pastor of the church I once attended liked to use the illustration of a tiny dot to signify our earthly life, and an endless line to describe eternity. “Live for the line”, he preached. Far from being…

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