Fish Farming, Human Health Dangers, Netting And Bycatch; We Must Be Their Voice

picture of fish farming environment where fish are confined in small enclosures

  J. Lee Horrors of Animal Farming and Netting – The Fish Industry This story exposes fish farms and how it affects humans and other living creatures. FISH FARMING Fish farming poses many dangers to humans and wildlife surrounding the farms. The environment they are kept in is cruel, crowded and unhealthy. The dangers allowed in the name of profit effects fish and shrimp, but it extends to humans and other living creatures. My report is not to convince anyone to go vegan or vegetarian.  Its purpose is to open your eyes…

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Stranger Than Fiction Reality TV Shows On Cable Trying to Steal Network Viewers

By Janice Barlow Cable television is heating up for the fall season, in competition with the networks. Each year, the cable channels steal away some of the viewers from traditional shows on network television. Personally, I can’t recall watching any network TV show on a regular basis recently except for “24“. The fixation with reality shows continues. On the standard viewing circuit, the typical competition shows, complete with drama prevail. “American Idol“, “Dancing With the Stars“, “America’s Got Talent“, “Survivor“, and so on, have replaced sitcoms. But cable has taken…

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Therapy Animals Bring Comfort, Reduce Stress, Companionship And Relieve Depression

meme of therapy dog with text "therapy animals"

by J. Lee   It has been proven how therapy animals provide many wonderful benefits and hope to those in need of comfort. Visitations could be at a hospital, convalescent home, in home or in an educational setting. Just seeing a pet brings joy. Therapy animals primarily include dogs, cats, standard or miniature horses, llamas, pigs, rabbits and birds. Pet owners understand the emotional and physical benefits of sharing their lives with animals. According to Woman’s Day they “decrease depression, stress and anxiety; health-wise, it can lower your blood pressure, improve your…

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Avoiding Fake Job Sites: Getting Your Resume In Front of the Right Person

image depicting meeting with hiring manager

By Janice Barlow Many people have sometimes found themselves either out of work or unhappy with their current employment. So the job hunt begins. There are some advantages and disadvantages of today’s methodology of job seeking. In days gone by, a person could simply type up a resume, don their Sunday best, and physically take it to places where he or she wished to work. Fortunate people could even catch a busy manager for a few minutes and introduce themselves. That quick first impression could leave a lasting one, and…

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Tropical Storm Cindy Takes A Toll On Gulf Coast Sea Turtles and Shore Birds

photograph of Loggerhead Turtle

by Tyla MacAllister DeFreese Tropical Storm Cindy is just a memory for the Northern Gulf Coast now, but the early season storm took a toll on threatened sea turtle nests and shore birds. Loggerhead and leatherback turtle nests as well as the eggs and chicks of Least Terns and Wilson’s Plovers were devastated. Loggerhead turtle nests in northwest Florida seemed to be hardest hit by the tropical storm.  Mark Nicholas, a Gulf Islands National Seashore biologist told The Pensacola News Journal, of the 56 sea turtle nests identified before Cindy…

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Keeping Pets Safe: The Dangers of Hot Cars, Asphalt, and Hiking

by J. Lee   It is that time of the year when too many pet owners leave their beloved pets in hot cars. It’s a year round problem, but summertime is the deadliest time of the year. It is heartbreaking that too many pet owners do not understand the dangers. Sadly, some of them just don’t care. Their oversight can cause kidney damage, brain damage, or even death to their pets. Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if it’s only for a short period of time. A car can heat up in…

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No Ordinary Joe – Umpire Joe West Continues to Add to His Legacy

By Bob Barlow Tuesday, June 20 marked a milestone for Major League Umpire Joe West as he became only the third umpire in MLB History – behind Hall of Famer Bill Klem (5,375) and Bruce Froemming ((5,163) – to work at least 5,000 major league games. By comparison, baseball’s 600 home run club currently consists of nine members and NASA has sent 12 astronauts to the Moon. When West, currently in his 39th season, made his Major League debut on September 14, 1976 the Toronto Blue and Seattle Mariners had yet…

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