Refocusing on Victims of Sexual Abuse: Teens and Children, and How You Can Help

By Janice Barlow All the media attention that has resulted from teenagers being sexually assaulted has once again put the topic in the limelight. This article is not about the innocence or guilt of any one person, but instead about an issue that needs more focus because our children are the future of this country, and as potential victims, they are facing some serious challenges. We have lost sight of who these victims are. They are children and teens everywhere, from all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. We know that in…

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Christmas, A Time for Joy? Yes – Except For Many Pets Given As Gifts

photo image of two small white dogs posing for Christmas picture with Christmas tree bandanas on

by J. Lee CHRISTMAS, A TIME FOR JOY – BUT FOR PETS GIVEN AS GIFTS? Who has been naughty and who has been nice? It is that time of the year when people get out their Christmas shopping lists. Gifts are fun to give and fun to get. Christmas is all about giving and celebrating with family and friends. What is not fun are statistics that show pets given as gifts abandoned following Christmas. Sadly shelters fill up with relinquished pets. Similar statistics occur following Easter with the abandonment of…

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Roe V. Wade is Here to Stay, Education is a Better Way

By Janice Barlow The focus of conservatives, Christians, and Christian conservatives (which are not always one in the same), has at least been somewhat unified in a pro-life stance for decades. The dividing that has resulted is based on how to approach it. Roe V. Wade was a court case decided in 1973. It is not law and it certainly is not “the law of the land”, contrary to what now-sitting Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch stated during his confirmation hearings. It was a court decision on a case and it was entered into…

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Holidays: The Season Of Depression Is Upon Us

by J. Lee Holidays: The Season of Depression is Upon Us Depression increases during the months of November through February. Those alone face that reality of loneliness during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and Valentines Day. Single people are reminded how alone they are during the season of celebration. They cannot escape the season thanks to advertisements, displays in stores and postings on social media. Holidays can be the loneliest time. Those who are older may have outlived their family members. Seniors may have no one. Some in the military or…

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Planned Parenthood: Why is it Still Funded? Ask the Republicans

By Janice Barlow In the realm of politics, morality, religion, and the human framework of LIFE, the very heart of who we are, of being, of substance, of GOD, should haunt all who believe in something beyond ourselves when we confront death. Once again, death is in the forefront of those who choose not to sweep it under the carpet in the form of funding Planned Parenthood. “Oh crap!” you think or say aloud, “There she goes again. Why can’t she just shut up about it? You can’t legislate morality!” Blah, blah, blah.…

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Survivor Guilt – Identify and Overcome It

by J. Lee SURVIVOR GUILT Survival guilt is real and it is painful. It causes distress for those who have it and for loved ones who see their pain yet are ill-equipped to ease it. Wikipedia: Survivor guilt (or survivor’s guilt; also called survivor syndrome or survivor’s syndrome) is a mental condition that occurs when a person believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not. It can be attributed to veterans, crime survivors, those targeted in terrorist attacks, attendees at an event with with mass casualties and during…

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Isolation – The Lonely Life Of Dogs

by J. Lee THE LONELY LIFE OF DOGS I will never understand those who get a dog or dogs just to abandon them in backyards, basements or garages. Why? So they can tells others they have a dog? The reality is the dog has no human. It is sentenced to a life of loneliness. Dogs are pack animals. They are highly social. They are socially-cognitive. Loneliness is torture for them. They thrive on interaction with other dogs and their human companions. A dog needs stimulation. They can become stressed when bored. They…

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Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper, Too? – Emergency And Survival Shelter

photo of a campsite and campfire

by Oletta Branstiter Gimme Shelter! When the excrement hits the oscillator, the first thing to consider for immediate survival is shelter. What are the bare necessities of a shelter? At the very least, a shelter must protect us from the weather and environmental dangers. It must provide an enclosed space, defensible entry, enough space to store resources and do protected tasks, and places for everyone to rest. Hard Lessons My daughter, a Hurrican Harvey survivor, is learning that shelter can involve more than mere survival. When the flood waters began…

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Gender Confusion, Modern Culture And Political Correctness

symbol male-and-female-relationship-sign

 J. Lee Gender Confusion, Modern Culture and Political Correctness GENDER CONFUSION Society has hit a crossroad of gender confusion. Not all, but many men have lost their masculinity and women have lost their femininity. Some people choose to live an androgynous lifestyle while others refuse to identify with the sex of their birth. The final identity transformation occurs through sex reassignment surgery as seen with Chastity Bono and Bruce Jenner. ANDROGYNY  Some celebrities led androgynous trends in the 1970’s and 1980’s which continues today. They preferred to dress in gender…

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Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper, Too? – Motivation

Rescue on flooded street

by Oletta Branstiter Fires in the West. Floods in the South. Some people are citing the Gospel warnings of the Last Days. The truth is, our planet has been in the throes of “birth pains” since the Fall of Man. The Bible also admonishes that no one knows the day or hour of final judgment. therefore, we should always be ready. Redeeming the Time What was my original motivation for prepping? Free time. In 2011, I resigned from being a paraprofessional campus Library Specialist when I was informed that I…

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