Trump Ignores Commission’s Advice, Says More Cops are Solution to Opioid Crisis

photo of bottle of morphine pills open with pills spread out on counter

by Tony Wyman I live in the Opioid Capitol of America, Dayton, Ohio. Per capita, more people will die in my city from overdosing on opioids, drugs like fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine, tramadol, than any place in America.   “We’re on a pace to to have 800 people die this year from overdose,” Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer told reporters at NBC News. He said the county is trying to fight the crisis by giving officers Narcan, a nasal spray emergency treatment that counteracts the effects of opioids and reverses the…

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Did Russian President Vladimir Putin Order The Murder Of The Founder of Russia Today?

photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin in casual dress, leather jacket

On November 5, 2015, Mikhail Yuriyevich Lesin, close confidante of Russian President Vladimir Putin and founder of the website Russia Today, which the Columbia Journalism Review called, “The Kremlin’s propaganda outlet,” was found dead in his Washington D.C. Dupont Circle hotel room. Despite multiple bruises on Mr. Lesin’s head, neck and upper-body, including signs of blunt force trauma that would indicate he died a violent death, initial reports indicated the 57-year-old Russian died of a simple heart attack. “Mikhail Lesin, a prominent Russian political figure and mass media expert credited with…

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Trump Encourages Law Enforcement To Employ Excessive Force And Unlawful Treatment Of Suspects

Donald Trump speaks before audience of Suffolk County New York police officers

by Richard Cameron Ignoring the Constitution’s provision for due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, Donald Trump gave his seal of approval on violent arrest procedures on the part of law enforcement during a speech given to community college police officers in Brentwood, NY on Long Island. Trump told the audience of police officers that: “When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddywagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice.  Like when you guys put…

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At Least Ten Dead in Human Trafficking – The Darker Side of Illegal Immigration

semi-tractor trailer in which the bodies of dead migrants are being removed

By Janice Barlow When do human rights violations take precedence over human law? The illegal immigration problem that keeps getting handed down to the next administration only seems to intensify. But is the blame necessarily one that should be cast on those crossing our border? Or is it our fault, because we just do not enforce our laws to make it difficult for them to do so? Yesterday, a truck crammed full of people was discovered after it crossed over the border near San Antonio, Texas. The driver of the tractor-trailer, James Matthew…

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Unarmed Australian Woman Justine Damond Shot To Death By Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor

MPD Badge

by Richard Cameron Justine Damond died Saturday night as Minneapolis P.D. Officer Mohamed Noor shot her from the passenger’s seat of his patrol car. There is no indication that has surfaced that any justification has been given for the shooting of Ms. Damond, a 40 year old mother of three and Veterinary surgeon. An investigation is ongoing conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau issued this statement: “I also want to assure you that I understand why so many people have so many…

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Parole Hearing Scheduled For Inmate #1027820 – A.K.A “O.J” Simpson

photo of inside cell area of Lovelock Correctional facility

by Richard Cameron This Thursday,  Lovelock Correctional Center’s Inmate #1027820 will sit for a formal parole hearing in Carson City, Nevada.  #1027820 is described in the prison records as 6′ 2″, 235 pounds, with a “medium” build and “dark” complexion. Brown eyes. Black hair. The height and weight would be ideal for football – maybe carrying the rock? The hair might have been more ‘black’ 8 years ago when #1027820 first came to Lovelock, but now it is more peppered with gray – quite a bit more. What crime did #1027820…

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Technology, a Help, a Hindrance or a Silent Killer?

by J. Lee Modern technology is amazing and exciting, but is it good for us? It is fast paced, allowing us to advance at a rapid pace. It can be a time saver, but it has also created a risk for illness. Consider how often technology and devices are upgraded before barely using what was supposed to be the latest and greatest. Due to constant advancements, too many users have developed a throw away mentality for ‘things’ that are easily replaced. It has also set into motion the mindset to…

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The GOP Baseball Practice Shooting – Unity from Tragedy? It Depends on the Application of Unity

by Oletta Branstiter Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition at this hour after an early morning attack on Republican congressmen practicing for their annual softball game tomorrow evening. reports that “Matt Mika, who works as a lobbyist, was the fifth person shot on the field during Wednesday morning’s practice, CBS News reported. He was reportedly shot multiple times and was admitted to an area hospital in critical condition.” James Hodgkinson, believed to be a Bernie Sanders Democratic supporter, had a violent history including arrests for battery, resisting arrest,…

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Where is God? The Importance of Bringing God Back to America

By J. Lee     I’m sure most people have either asked or heard the question ‘Where is God’?, especially in the midst of tragedy. God is not a ‘genie in a bottle’ to go to for granting wishes. God says to come to him in prayer. It’s as simple as talking to him as we would talk to a friend. The good news is he is available to us at all times to strengthen us. His answer could be yes, no or wait. I’m sure we can all agree…

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Robocalls On Your Home Phone Or Mobile – Why You’re Getting Them And How To Fight Back.

by Richard Cameron If your experience is anything like mine and millions of other Americans, you are getting unwanted calls on your cellphone and at home –  by the truckload. Frustrating, annoying, time-wasting – and it goes without saying that you’re probably wondering how you are getting so many and what to do to stem the flow. Notice I don’t say, eliminate them. More on that in a moment. The reason for the increase is computerization and automation – hence the term “robocall”.  Humans are not initiating these calls, internet servers…

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