A Violent Circle: Where Socialism Meets Nationalism and the Two Become One

By Janice Barlow  It’s well established that Hitler’s Germany was a socialist Germany. For those who did not study that era, the term socialism means to: surrender ownership and control of private capitalism (such as factories and industry, enterprise and commercial ventures), and land, as well as some personal privacy and wealth, in order to benefit the common good. This is mostly done through taxation and redistribution of wealth. The difference between socialism and communism is that communism reverts control of ALL ownership of all properties to the State. The citizens have no rights, including no right to religious…

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Stranger Than Fiction Reality TV Shows On Cable Trying to Steal Network Viewers

By Janice Barlow Cable television is heating up for the fall season, in competition with the networks. Each year, the cable channels steal away some of the viewers from traditional shows on network television. Personally, I can’t recall watching any network TV show on a regular basis recently except for “24“. The fixation with reality shows continues. On the standard viewing circuit, the typical competition shows, complete with drama prevail. “American Idol“, “Dancing With the Stars“, “America’s Got Talent“, “Survivor“, and so on, have replaced sitcoms. But cable has taken…

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Trump’s Battle of Words With Jong Un Escalates into More Division Among Conservatives

By Janice Barlow China has announced it will remain neutral regarding its position with North Korea (DPRK) unless the United States preemptively attacks. This, the culmination of a long week’s battle of words flying back and forth between President Trump and Kim Jong Un over North Korea’s threat to launch missiles with nuclear warheads near Guam, a U.S. territory with approximately 300,000 occupants, both citizens and military. What has changed in recent history regarding the power of North Korea? George W. Bush referred to the relatively small nation as one…

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Vlad’s Vacations Trump Donald’s Jersey Twitter Travels – Putin Asserts Presidential Vacation Superiority

By Janice Barlow Donald Trump likes to compete with Vladmir Putin in any way possible and Putin seems to enjoy the attention. True to form, both leaders are taking their vacations at the same time. Putin, in great physical shape, has already taken in fishing, horseback riding, scuba diving, mushroom hunting and soaking in some rays in Siberia. Trump has taken in some golf and his favorite pastime, tweeting. A shirtless Putin, rarely smiling, was photographed by Kremlin photographer Alexey Nikolsky, engaging in various activities. Often shown without a hat,…

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They Just Want to Live Like An Amputee – BIID: The Disorder of Desiring to Remove Healthy Limbs

photo shows amputee with prosthetic leg standing next to bicycle - legs from knee to foot only showing in image.

By Janice Barlow As I began to research this very odd condition, it became so strange to fathom that any sane person would want to remove an arm or a leg that is fully functional. After all, there are literally hundreds of thousands of amputees in our nation who would give anything to have their missing limb or limbs back again. Why would anyone want to chop one off? It’s sacrilegious. And yet, there is a bastion of information and Internet groups, among the weird disorders spreading throughout our country,…

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Betting on the End of Greyhound Racing – a Deplorable Sport

By Janice Barlow Racing greyhounds testing positive for cocaine is only one of the problems inherent in track life for these animals. But it is prevalent, guarded and disgusting. As an owner of two senior greyhound rescues, the issue of track abuse has become a personal one for me over the years. (I just lost my sweet male, Harvey, to osteosarcoma, pictured above). My husband and I have rescued seven greyhounds in the last 12 years and we will continue as long as we are able to do so. I…

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The Right Needs To Focus on Becoming Government Watchdogs, Not on Idolizing Politicians

By Janice Barlow To venture where I am about to feels like entering into enemy territory. It shouldn’t. I am, after all, a conservative.  And I espouse most of the ideology of the Republican party. But nothing is black and white anymore for most people, and that’s actually a good thing. There are issues that I’m more moderate about than some of my colleagues, and vice versa. As I have said many times in the past however, I consider myself to be a government watchdog. I expose when politicians and parties keep…

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At Least Ten Dead in Human Trafficking – The Darker Side of Illegal Immigration

semi-tractor trailer in which the bodies of dead migrants are being removed

By Janice Barlow When do human rights violations take precedence over human law? The illegal immigration problem that keeps getting handed down to the next administration only seems to intensify. But is the blame necessarily one that should be cast on those crossing our border? Or is it our fault, because we just do not enforce our laws to make it difficult for them to do so? Yesterday, a truck crammed full of people was discovered after it crossed over the border near San Antonio, Texas. The driver of the tractor-trailer, James Matthew…

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Secretive Legislative Process Produces Failed Health Care Bill – “You Can See It After We Release It”

sign on closed door - "Warning - Do Not Enter. Authorized Personnel Only "

By  Janice Barlow It looks like, at least for the time being, at least unless/until it implodes, that Obamacare is here to stay. It is the Democrats’ baby. The majority in both the House and Senate are Republicans. They couldn’t even get their act together in their promised effort to repeal Obamacare in a laborious process that dragged on for months. So by default, we are stuck. Half-hearted efforts toward another bill are being bantered about, mostly to appease Trump it would appear; but these will probably end up in the…

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“Vaccine Court” Avoids Our Criminal Justice System With Billions Of Your Tax Dollars

image of vaccination syringes loaded with U.S. currency

By Janice Barlow Since President Trump has continued to falsely claim that vaccines cause autism, the anti-vax movements have ramped up their efforts to lay blame on the medical field for the condition. The groups also rail on about how the “Vaccine Court” (Actually known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program), has awarded families and individuals billions of dollars for their claims that vaccines caused harm or death to a family member. What is the problem with that? First of all, there is no actual Court. The NVICP is…

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