The Election Called Because of Climate Change

By Janice Barlow

It’s Game Seven of the World Series. Bottom of the 15th inning. Score tied 4-4. Bases loaded. Two men out. The home team has used up all of its pinch hitters and the pitcher is due at the plate. He has a batting average of .042. What should the manager do?

It doesn’t matter! Suddenly, a lightning bolt streaks down from the sky, knocking out power to all the lights in the stadium. A violent microburst of wind, hail, and rain lashes from out of nowhere, sending the anxious crowd and exhausted players scurrying for shelter. Everything is pitch dark. The storm lasts for about 15 minutes, drenching the field to unplayable conditions. There is damage throughout the park and parking lots. Fortunately, no one is seriously injured. But the game is over.

It can be rescheduled, and probably will be, but it won’t be fair. It will have to be played elsewhere. No matter what the results are, they won’t be fair. One side will claim that it was not fair. The other side will say that it was.

How does this align with the political climate today?

We almost have a mirror image of 2016, with a plethora of Democrats throwing their hats into the ring of fire. And we have a single decrepit liar on the Republican side. We do not (and I repeat), we do not have a Bernie Sanders substitute. There is no one else running who has any street cred on any ticket yet. (More on that later).

If the political climate is anything, it is never normal. There is always something unique to discuss, be enraged about, excited about, annoyed with or simply disgusted with each time. And each election brings with it some interesting groups that will fade into history but carry significance while the heat is on.

With the Trump presidency, has come the rise of two extreme and polarized groups which actually have much in common.

First is the ever laughable Q-Anon, a conspiratorial group that believes that a person or persons get fed “secret” information from Trump himself via hand signals and coded word messages as examples that “drop” for the Q warriors to “decode”. These messages are then used as predictions for the coming fall of the left.

Since January of 2018, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been about to be arrested and imprisoned for treason. And already, George W. Bush has been captured and is locked away at GITMO for crimes against the United States. Q followers know this and they await more coded messages and alerts. It doesn’t matter that these messages are very vague as to time, place, how the event will happen, and where. It just will. Kind of like the Second Coming of Christ.

The other group that is always right and waiting for the shoe to drop is the one which knows that Donald Trump will be arrested any day now for collusion. Or is it obstruction of justice? Or is it now that Mueller is colluding with the left and he should be locked up for not shutting down Trump? They also know that James Comey was right about everything Trump did wrong, even though they do not trust the FBI now. They only trusted it when it was correct about Trump spying on Hillary, but not the other way around.

Hillary’s or Obama’s camp would never spy on Trump, right? That would just be wrong. Don’t trust the FBI on that. They know there is no witch hunt and any day now, Teflon Don will go down with the rest of the lackeys who did get arrested. Or maybe Trump Jr.? They believe the FBI cannot be trusted, unless it is against Trump.

The groups are different because one is so over-the-top full of Trump idolatry that he is a Messiah and he will save the country from eternal Hell. The other group is so over-the-top full of Trump hatred that he is the anti-Christ and he will deliver the country into the hands of Satan. Both groups are extremist and full of false prophecies and gullible lemmings.

Now that I have offended just about everyone I know, I will continue writing to the rest of you.

No doubt, Trump had meetings with Russia. But they could only make him one of two things. Either he’s one of the smartest, most ingenious conmen who ever lived, outsmarting a whole team of investigators for not just the last two years, but for decades, making underhanded deals right under everyone’s collective noses with a dangerous nation, or he’s so stupid that he was conned himself into partnering up with the very son of the Russian mafia, Felix Sater.

It’s either one or the other. He is not both. He is stupid and gullible or he is smart and conniving. I’ve seen him called stupid on a number of occasions, exemplified by his verbal treatment of others, and I’d have to agree. But smart? No. He had money to start with, so it’s kind of hard to lose a multi-million dollar inheritance when investing in real estate in New York. But he lost a ton in Florida on the Atlantic coast, which is also hard to do. He’s not smart. He’s just very, very loud.

And he’s all the GOP has to work with at the moment. So the populace is understandably grasping for a hero. Who is out there with a Velcro H? (Hero), who can represent all of us who really want smaller government, and the freedom this country was supposed to be founded upon?

Right now, there is a faction who is pushing for Michigan 3rd District House Representative Justin Amash to fill that void. In many ways, he has the qualities that could do a great service to our nation. He is for a smaller government. He appears to be for letting states decide on major issues, like marriage. He is solid on 2A.

Of course, no one is perfect, but there are some logistical issues with Amash that should be considered even before scrutinizing his record. I am not going to delve into his voting record here. It is something I will do, if he does take the unlikely leap to run for president, and I promise to be fair.

However, these are the logistical issues that surface right away:

First, he is a member of the House of Representatives. They get elected every two years. This means that they must spend about half of their terms campaigning just to keep their seats. That is problematic for Amash if he were to run for president in 2020 as he is being pushed to do; he will not be able to effectively campaign for his seat at the same time. If that happens, he will lose it. He is being primaried by at least two and possibly more people. The likelihood of his winning the presidency at this time is also marginal and he is aware of this.

Second, people from the House of Representatives rarely, if ever, run for president while in office. I cannot personally remember it happening in my lifetime, simply for the reasons I stated above. Usually, senators, governors, and former politicians run, or the aberrant “Trump” candidate. But not House reps. It doesn’t fit their calendars.

Third, Amash is a Republican. Even though his ideals do not match those of the GOP, he is in fact a member. He would have to leave the party and run as an independent or more likely, a libertarian. This also is problematic because he is strongly pro-life. Most libertarians are not. They are pro-choice because they believe that it’s not up to a politician to inflict that condition on a woman. Being pro-life myself, I like this trait about Amash. But it won’t be helpful to him. In talking with long time libertarians, it is one issue they strongly disagree with him on. Leaving the party will also hurt him in his district should he decide to run there again as a House Representative. It is a strongly Republican district.

Amash may be the hero that some people are banking on, but the bank isn’t open. The timing is wrong. The climate is wrong. The pieces do not fit. Maybe I am wrong. We shall see.

But, with the bases loaded with wild and wacky leftists, and some moderate voters who for the last couple of years, have started to lean a bit toward them because of the Trump Factor, how do they justify swinging back around to the right when a hero is still in his business suit and hasn’t donned the cape yet? It shows how easily people are swayed by situational ethics. Some folks are willing to grab onto the cape still hanging in the closet and follow just because they despise the orange rind so much.

Unfortunately, the cape is not the Hem of the Garment. (Matthew 9:18-26). It is not there. It has not been offered as a choice. So we need to look at what we are willing to accept for America for 2020.

Are you willing to let abortion, illegal immigration, 867 genders, and more and more socialism creep into your lives? Once it does, it’s not going away. Sure, you can blame Trump. I do too to some extent, but I think it just might be a tad worse if we hand it over to the loony bin that the Democratic party has become.

Being pro-life means more than just trying to defund Planned Parenthood, which the Democrats will still fund with voter funding, lobbyists, and corporate support, even if it’s stripped from the budget. Being pro-life means to always vote against anyone who is pushing pro-choice legislation at any level. That’s all the blue in DC.

Where should the game be played in the meantime? On whose turf? The climate changed again. You don’t have as much time as you think you do to decide. Will you secretly pull for the Democrat to win if your hero doesn’t don the cape? How does that fit with a pro-life ethic?

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