Trump Alone Can Do It, And We Decide–Claims The GOP

By Janice Barlow

On the first day of Christmas I heard this from DC: 
Trump 2020 merging with the RNC
On the second day of Christmas I heard this from DC:
No border wall, and Trump 2020 merging with the RNC
On the third day of Christmas, I heard this from DC:
A ban on bump stocks, no border wall, and Trump 2020 merging with the RNC
On the fourth day of Christmas, I heard this from DC:
$Billions for Mexico, a ban on bump stocks, no border wall, and Trump 2020 merging with the RNC
On the fifth day of Christmas, I heard this from DC: 
Trump’s corrupt foundation closes! $Billions for Mexico, a ban on bump stocks, no border wall, and Trump 2020 merging with the RNC…

Now that I’ve made light of what is a very dismal situation, in order to keep this article succinct and to the point, it will hone in on only one of the five events that hit the wires today – that Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican party for 2020. Yes, you heard it right. The Grand Old Party is putting their full spineless faith and confidence behind the man who is sitting on the verge of possibly going before a grand jury to be questioned about his dealings with misdirections of campaign money in October of 2016.

To be more to the point, paying Stephanie Clifford (aka, Stormy Daniels) $130,000 in hush money for an affair approximately ten years earlier, so she would be quiet about it. It was not quiet enough though, since now the whole nation is aware, including Trump’s third wife, Melania, who, at the time of the dalliance, was home with her first son (Trump’s fifth child) who was only four months old.

The real burner however, was that David Pecker, then publisher of the National Enquirer, admitted that Trump was in the room with him and Trump’s fixer attorney, Michael Cohen, (recently sentenced to three years in prison for fraudulent conduct involving the hush money payoffs). The clandestine discussion involved another payoff, this time concerning a Playboy bunny, Karen McDougal, who received $150,000 for an article about her affair with The Donald, which the Enquirer never published, under persuasion by Cohen and the proximity of the 2016 election.

That, in a nutshell, is what is going on in the NEW YORK investigation, and has nothing to do with the ongoing Robert Mueller probe into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia at around the same time. If Trump is successful at anything, it is multitasking.

In spite of the toxic negative legal situation surrounding the Commander in Chief, and his dwindling popularity in the polls, his constant Twitter rants, persistent lies, and broken promises, I guess for the GOP, he’s the “best a man can get”. So they have decided to nab him and ignore any other possibilities for 2020 to the point of funding his campaign.

This is not normal. The Republican National Committee needed to keep to itself and let the chips fall. We the people have a right to have a choice for other Republicans, should they choose to primary Trump. But if the 2016 Convention taught us anything, it’s that the new Nazi-type GOP will not stand for any conforming standard such as “applying the rulebook” and allowing motion calls on the Convention floor.

We should have seen the signs of how the GOP has come to embrace Trump and his Nationalist/Populist policies. We should have noted how Brett Kavanaugh is not a Constitutional judge and is now revealing his true confused and possibly leftist self on the bench. We should have seen how, with a full majority GOP House and Senate, the Democrats were still able to get almost all of their agenda accomplished with Nancy and Chuck really in control, pushing the remote control buttons from the couch.

But we did not. Well…some of us did.

Some of us are sounding the clarion bell now, the warning bell we’ve been sounding for two and a half years – that Trump represents a Populist (or as he once referred to himself – a “Popularist“) side that we would have never seen in a Ted Cruz or a Scott Walker presidency. Because of this embracing of Trump, the new Neo-Nationalist Republican party has shown it’s true abysmal tones. It will never back anyone like Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, or Mike Lee.

I am prepared. I am not part of the GOP, but I was ready to support any conservative or who would primary the Great Pumpkin with the Velcro R. Now I will do so, knowing that the person will not be wearing that R because they would be forced out of politics by the spineless party of big spending. Oops! That’s the Democrats! Umm…No. They are big spenders too, but they have spines, because they know how to get their missions accomplished. Either way, conservatives lost.

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2 Thoughts to “Trump Alone Can Do It, And We Decide–Claims The GOP”

  1. Ellen Elmore

    Janice, you are 100% correct in all your assessments of the former Republican party. It is now the Trumplican party and the Trump cult is alive and well. I wonder how other Republicans running for office in 2020 feel about the RNC choosing their candidate for 2020 in 2018? It looks like the voters no longer have a choice in the primaries since the candidates will be chosen by the RNC. Welcome to the world of Trump. It is exactly how he likes it.

  2. Cliff Kelly

    What has taken place since the Era of Trump commenced is nothing less than Historic, perhaps Epic. All our Foundations are being Shaken, I think, to show each of us who we truly are, and what we are made of. Choose well, boys and girls. Choose well. DK

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