Getting on the Protest Bandwagon…Lives are at Stake

By Janice Barlow

THIS MORNING, news of another school shooting hit the headlines, this time in Baltimore, Maryland. Fortunately, the school resource officer was on hand to gun down the student shooter, but not before two students were injured in the event.

A nationwide walkout by students occurred last week, as many of them wanted to vent their frustration and fears on the lack of school safety, and a misguided desire to ban guns. Others just were happy to have any excuse not to be in class.

DENVER, CO – FEBRUARY 21 (Photo by Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)

The same old argument keeps rearing its ugly head; guns kill people. When the real issue is that we have a liberal system that does not enforce laws, liberal judges that slap people on the wrists for behaviors that should put them behind bars for a reasonable time period, and a flawed logic that guns should be taken away from law abiding citizens because guns are the problem, and not unstable people who get their hands on them.

But sometimes protests are a good thing.

After all, in this case, the protest is about protecting the lives of young people.

We currently are killing off over 3,000 young people a day, before they have a chance at life and a future. That’s right. Life. They are being cut off from the world in the womb, the very place where they are supposed to be the safest.

While we are protesting protecting young lives because of seventeen lives lost at a high school in Parkland, Florida, why aren’t we focusing on the lives being lost daily which never have a chance to breathe fresh air, see a waterfall, go to a baseball game, dance and sing, and maybe become some of the most influential people in history? Why do we ignore the thousands of abortions on demand performed every day as if they were mere root canals?

Why do we turn our heads and let them fall victim to a snip of their spinal cord with surgical scissors, cutting up the baby with a curette, and then using a vacuum hose to suck their very beings out of their womb-hosts?  It’s certainly not their mothers, because a mother would not hurt one of her children because she considers the child to be an inconvenience.

Curettes for cutting up babies before they are suctioned out of the womb

Actually, though he/she may hold the certificate, it’s not really a doctor who performs this most horrific task, because doctors take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, and an abortionist performs the most harmful of all surgical procedures – cutting off the life of a human being. Curettes are assault weapons on steroids.

I’ve stated in past articles that last year, the Department of Health and Human Services, a federal government organization, has declared that life begins at conception. That puts the entire system in a dilemma. It makes the government complicit in killing unborn children. No, not by funding Planned Parenthood, because they will continue to chop up babies even if the government pulls its half a billion dollars. That’s not the biggest problem. It’s by allowing abortion on demand to be something legal and acceptable in our country, when it’s not okay for students to be gunned down on school campuses.

Is there a difference?

Explain it to me. The only notable difference is the sheer numbers of children killed by abortion on demand compared to those killed on school grounds every day. The ratio is thousands to less than one. I’m not condoning either or saying that either is less important to address. Students need to feel safe in school.

But babies need to be safe in the womb. After all, if it weren’t for abortion on demand, how many more students would be in schools across our nation, learning and contributing their solutions to inherent problems, preparing to be leaders and innovators in an uncertain future?

I am calling for a nationwide protest against abortion on demand and for LIFE.

We need a walk out by students and teachers from middle school through college across the country to stand up for the lives of ALL young people whether they have been born or are waiting to be born. All lives matter, right?

And for those liberals among you who say that we don’t take care of the mothers who keep their children, I also am calling for a system of prenatal and post-natal care and support for the women who do keep their children. We could start with the money funding Planned Parenthood to be redirected to helping and teaching women how to be mothers instead of leaving them stranded.

I want to instill in these women a sense of PRIDE for making a choice for LIFE.

For those who choose to abort on demand, this nation needs to start driving home a sense of SHAME and DISGUST for anyone who would make that decision, when thousands of families await adoption and when a system can be put in place to help womb-hosts be converted to loving mothers.

Who is with me?

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