Give Them an Inch and They Become the Rulers

By Janice Barlow

MOST YOUNG PEOPLE DON’T PAY MUCH ATTENTION to history when they are in school. They pay even less attention to it when they hit their twenties and thirties and life becomes something that they actually have to start doing, to an extent. (More so for some than others).

It’s not until most people are affected by something personally, a direct hit to their own lives or someone they know, that they reflect on the things that led up to why things are the way they are in the United States. At least it is my hope that they do.

The Second Amendment has become an almost living, breathing piece of writing, as so many folks who took it for granted are now taking it upon themselves to try and understand what it really means. The misunderstanding however, often stems from the fact that it was not written to protect citizens from criminals, but to protect us from the very government that is supposed to be protecting us from the criminals.

Do we really seek to arm our law enforcement and our government intelligence alphabet agencies, (FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, TSA, etc), with more powerful, and higher arsenals of firearms than we are allowed to have, in case that one day, they come knocking while we are oblivious?

The Second Amendment may seem firmly entrenched in society, but the Democrats don’t like it, (as well as some Republicans) and, because of a school shooting of 17 children, they are seeking to politicize the issue once again, looking for loopholes, for workarounds into the amendment that oh so clearly states that,

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


They don’t want guns to go away. They just want the government to have them, not We, the People.

While researching statistics the other day on murder by gun, I found an amazing real time chart. It updates the deaths in the United States year by year. It’s a live chart, so the new clock started on January 1st, 2018 at midnight. What is truly fascinating is that the number of abortions being performed in this country dwarfs murder by gun by 1000 to 1. (Take a look at it by clicking on “it’s a live chart” and then come back to this article. The numbers and causes of death are astounding).

And yet, the statists – the pro-choice folks who insist that women can choose to do whatever they want to with their own bodies, want to point you away from that astonishing truth and focus only on murder by gun, which is even three times less likely than your chances of being killed by a drunk driver any time you hop in to your vehicle and hit the road. It’s even far less likely if you don’t live in a poor minority neighborhood.

I’m not trying to minimize the horror of what happened in Parkland, Florida. There needs to be solutions. One of the writers for National Compass, Tony Wyman, wrote a piece earlier this week that gives some workable solutions on how school properties can be designed externally and internally to increase safety for the students, in a similar way that U.S. Embassies are designed. It’s worth a read.

But to ignore the murders of the unborn, happening by the minute, and point at the murders by gun happening about five times a day across the country by comparison, is a government tactic to take your eyes off why the latter is even happening in the first place. No longer does the value of life matter. It’s an old worn-out statement, but its truth is strong.

Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services, a government agency, declared that life begins at conception. This very statement runs against Roe V. Wade, a Supreme Court decision now put into law until and if ever another decision is powerful enough to overturn it.

In the meantime, we cannot ignore the scissors.

Scissors are the real weapons that are murdering our children in the womb, before they have any chance at life and a future, because we gave our government an inch, and now the Democrats have become rulers on abortion. Just yesterday, Phil Williams, my favorite radio talk show host, went into detail about the scissors and their power over us. How did we allow this to happen? Phil’s podcast is available to view at the bottom of this article. I highly recommend it.

We are being willfully blinded by the emotional tactics of the Democrats.

They are shoving select victimized students in front of the camera. Where are the other students who have a different viewpoint? Where are the students who are afraid to leave their homes in Chicago and Detroit because they might get shot or knifed on the way to or from school? Why can’t we hear from them?

Why aren’t the laws being enforced so that the criminal element in the impoverished neighborhoods isn’t kept behind bars for decades instead of being allowed back on the streets through a revolving door by liberal judges? The rap sheets of those who are murdering young people in the inner cities are a mile long and the police often won’t even patrol there. We are ignoring the heart of the problem by focusing on a rich white school and crying, WE NEED GUN CONTROL!

No, we need to get to the heart of the matter.

We must reach at-risk children when they are vulnerable and find out why they are hurting. But enforce the laws when it’s too late for that. The wrong people will always be able to get their hands on firearms if they want to.

We are doing the same with the Second Amendment that we did with Roe V. Wade. Don’t let it happen. Keep 2A intact and keep the government away from our freedom of the right to bear arms. Because if we give them an inch, it won’t be hard for them to become rulers. They already know how to do it.


Please watch Phil Williams here and in the future. He has a remarkable perspective on where our nation is headed.



Janice Barlow is a true crime author. Her books, including a fictional account of her greyhound, Daisy, are available on Amazon under her author name, J. M. Barlow.

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