Are You a Rebel Without a Cause? – Constant Negativity Interferes With Conservatism

By Janice Barlow

FOR THE PAST COUPLE YEARS, the nation has been dividing itself between those who were for, and those who remain against the man who ultimately became the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The lines dividing the voters kept shifting and continue to do so. For the conservatives among us, the narrative should be shifting from NeverTrump to NeverLiberal.

Because Trump espouses no real ideology, he often aligns with liberalism anyway. But he won’t be in office forever.

One stark truth remains obvious:

Those who staunchly support Trump are wrapping their arms around a man. But those who are conservatives and remain opposed to him need to wrap theirs around a cause: to promote a conservative agenda, not a person.

Like Obama before him, Trump will be gone one day, and it won’t be long. Years fly by even though they seem to crawl by when in the moment. Those who embraced the man will be left holding an empty suit, while those who upheld conservatism and worked to push a conservative agenda can carry on without being concerned about making a transition.

For the rest who are not involved – Instead of the constant ranting and tiresome finger pointing at the flaws of the Trump administration, it’s now time to move on or just be left behind. After all, the liberals can and will continue in their mode of attacking the man who was elected because of uninformed voters. It’s now time to start informing them, because the future is on the horizon. There is a choice to be made.

Several people and groups are actively working to bring about change.

My friend on Facebook, Glenn Talley, is a musician and conservative political advocate. He is working hard to get a new party that represents conservatism on the ballot in every state. The party will be a label for conservative candidates to choose, so they can separate themselves from the GOP and tried and failed third parties.

This grassroots effort will target state and local races at first as a launching pad, and hopefully gain enough traction to reach D.C., but Glenn needs help. The more involved people are, the more realistic his cause becomes. It certainly is within reach.

People are angry. They want to effect real change. They are sick and tired of politicians who listen to lobbyists who pad their pockets, instead of to their constituents who supported them, worked their campaigns and voted for them. Future information on Glenn’s efforts will be coming soon! Please stay posted and if you are interested in finding out more, you can send him or myself a private message.

Close to my heart are the wonderful projects of Phil Williams.

He has many missions going on all at once and all without the help of the government. Using his character, Lil Jimmy, he brings Tablets & Teddy Bears to children who are unable to attend school regularly due to illnesses or difficult circumstances. The program helps kids keep up with their studies, and also focuses on character building and avoiding peer pressure.

Phil has just written a Lil Jimmy book aimed at elementary school children. It helps them with reading, but more importantly, it teaches several lessons about doing the right things and not just doing what anyone tells a child to do, because it’s easy to get into trouble. Children learn how to tell right from wrong; who means well, and who does not. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle/Nook format.

Phil also has released an amazing CD called Jacob’s Ladder. This professional work targets young people in all areas of society to keep them away from drugs. Not only does the African American community have many problems with its youth becoming addicted to narcotics, but even upper class families of all color are not immune. And the songs on the CD are exactly the sort of music that youth listen to. Contact Phil Williams via Private Message to obtain an early release CD as it is not even out online yet! A sample song is here:

I’ve been working to promote Phil and have committed to help finance his projects this year. The money is much better spent than it would be donated to a RINO politician. Being involved in these projects has inspired me to work hard to see his goals achieved. Phil’s causes are remarkable and reach beyond what the government has ever attempted to solve the drug crisis and the education issue. It’s because Phil is living and working among the people who need the help and he knows best how to reach out to them. Because he is dedicated to make this work, I have a strong desire to help. It’s very rewarding!

Phil Williams also has a regular radio podcast on Facebook. Look for his inspiring messages. They will make you think!




Last, one of the most obvious ways to keep conservatism in DC is to work to elect conservative candidates.

We also need to keep the few we do have in office. For example, many people don’t like Ted Cruz and whine about him often. Just let it go if you’re not in Texas since you can’t vote for him anyway. But Texas voters certainly don’t want a liberal replacing him, which is what his opposition is.

Cruz may seem to align with Trump, but the bottom line is, Cruz is a conservative, and will remain so, long after Trump is gone. He has a rope tied to conservative principles and once in a while his rope crosses Trumps tangled fishing line which goes every which way. No, Cruz is not perfect, but he’s better for Texas than the alternatives. If you aren’t there, focus on who you can be pushing in your own state at the state and local levels.

State politicians often use a home position as a hopeful launch to Congress in D.C. Do what you can to make sure your state is staying conservative or at least becoming a little less blue. Volunteer for a phone bank or to help with mailings. Write short articles about your state candidates to put them out on social media sites that focus on your state. Help organize and attend rallies. Contact the candidate’s office and find out what you can do to help.

Remember, everything starts at the ground level. People come and go, but ideology does not. In order to keep our country from continuously sliding to the left, we all must be getting out from behind our keyboards, stop the ranting and negativity, and start doing something positive. We are all angry and tired of what is going on. But complaining about it is not achieving a single thing.

It’s time to redirect the negativity.

Be a rebel with a cause.

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